How Is CPR Performed?

Are you aware of how to perform CPR? Expert estimates state that around 350,000 people suffer cardiac arrest every year.

Yet, locating a trusted CPR guide can be challenging, especially when information and new updates come out frequently. It helps to understand the importance of CPR behind how breathing, chest compression, and mouth-to-mouth work together to ensure success.

Remember that practicing your form is the most critical aspect of learning the technique. Read on to know the answer to your question: how is CPR performed?

Call 911 or Ask Someone Else

You should first call 911 and then ask someone else to perform CPR if they are trained. If you are the only one around, then you will need to perform CPR.

To do this, you must push hard and fast on the person’s chest while breathing into their mouth. It is essential to do this correctly so that the person has the best chance of surviving. If you want to know some CPR strategies, learn more here.

Lay the Person on Their Back

Lay the person on their back on a firm surface. Position yourself at their side and place your hand on their forehead, keeping their head in line with their back.

Tilt the head back and look for Adam’s apple. Place your other hand on the person’s chest, between the breastbone and nipple.

If possible, you should try to position their head so that it is tilted back. This will help to open up their airway. Once you have the person in this position, you can begin performing CPR.

Check for Breathing

CPR combines rescue breathing and chest compressions to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing to the brain and other vital organs.

To perform CPR, first check for signs of life, such as breathing, coughing, or movement. Put your hands on the person’s chest in the middle, and then quickly and forcefully compress. Allow the chest to rise fully between compressions.

The goal of CPR is to restore blood circulation and breathing. Trained medical professionals usually perform CPR, but laypeople can also serve it.

Perform 30 Chest Compressions

To perform CPR, you should start by doing 30 chest compressions. You will bend the victim’s head back and lift the chin, opening the airway.

You will take a deep breath and give two rescue breaths, ensuring that the chest rises with each breath. CPR can be continued until the victim starts to breathe on their own or emergency medical help arrives.

Perform Two Rescue Breaths

You need to locate the person’s chest and place their hands in the middle of the person’s chest. They will then push down hard and fast, at a rate of about 100 times per minute. After 30 compressions, you will tilt the person’s head back and give them two rescue breaths.

They will then continue with compressions and breaths until help arrives.

How Is CPR Performed? Easy Guide

CPR is a life-saving technique that everyone should know. Understanding how is CPR performed is easy to learn and only takes a few minutes. You can learn CPR by taking an online course.

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