4 Things You Need to Know About Going to Jail

Did you know that approximately 12.5 million people are processed into an incarceration facility each year in the United States? If you or someone you know is facing time in jail, it’s important to be prepared.

Otherwise, you may find it difficult to compose yourself during your sentence. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about going to jail.

1. Understand That Jail Is Different From Prison

Jail is very different from prison. Jail is typically used for people who are awaiting trial or have been sentenced to a short-term sentence, while prison is for people who have been convicted of a more serious offense and sentenced to a longer term.

Therefore, the type of facility you are in will likely dictate the rules and regulations you must follow.

You can learn more here about the key differences between jail and prison.

2. Be Prepared For the Conditions

The conditions in jail can be quite harsh.

You will likely be sharing a small space with another jail inmate, and you will need to be respectful of those around you. Although spending time in jail can be unpredictable, you can avoid many problems by simply keeping to yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes that inmates make is getting involved in gang activity, gambling, or drug usage. Not only can these lead to serious consequences down the road, but they can also extend your sentence.

3. Know Your Rights

It’s important to know your rights when you are in jail.

For example, you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. You also have the right to have your property returned to you when you are released from jail.

Knowing your rights can help you navigate the criminal justice system and ensure that you are treated fairly.

4. Make Accommodations For Your Responsibilities

If you have pets, rental payments, etc., be sure to make arrangements for someone to take care of these things while you are in jail. This will help reduce your stress and allow you to focus on serving your sentence.

It will also help you prevent consequences from arising you may not be able to handle from behind bars.

For instance, let’s assume that you did not pay your rent for months at a time. You would get evicted, your property would be removed from your home, and you would have even more problems to handle once you get out.

Don’t Overlook These Tips About Going to Jail

If you or someone you know is facing time in jail, it’s important to be prepared.

Going to jail without knowing what to expect can be overwhelming and can lead to problems down the road. Be sure to keep these things in mind before you begin your sentence.

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