4 Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs to Be Replaced

Many owners kept their businesses alive through the COVID pandemic by reducing their insurance claims.

If you haven’t updated them, and you’re noticing signs of wear and tear on the roof, you may want to make a plan. The next disaster could strike at any time and if you have vulnerable spots, replacing your roof may be necessary.

Continue reading to learn about red flags when it comes to commercial roof damage!

1. Water Puddles

One of the most obvious signs that you need commercial roof repair is when the puddles start growing.

Most commercial building rooftops are designed to help let the water flow off. Standing water can result in leaks, mold, and moss growth. Clogged gutters can lead to water puddles, so make sure you don’t spend a bunch of money on a simple solution.

Another sign of water damage is if you notice blistering or bubbles on the rooftop. These are pockets where water previously pooled up and will continue to grow.

2. Plants & Moss Are Growing

Most species of plants need moist conditions that get plenty of sunlight.

If water is getting into the structure of your commercial roofing materials, you need to get it repaired. Moss and plants growing on your rooftop may seem eco-friendly, but they can create hazardous conditions.

Take a look at commercial roofing services and make a call if you notice green from the outside of your building.

3. Damaged Downspouts

If you’re noticing problems with your downspouts and gutter system, you may want to take a closer look.

Downspouts don’t hold up and can cause flooding around your home. Often, these gutter issues stem from old wood that is rotting out. If your roof foundations are getting old, the nails won’t hold your gutters in place when water goes down.

The next time it rains, go outside and check for leaks in your gutters. Identify these areas and discuss them with your roofing contractor.

4. Broken Shingles

Cracked shingles and black pieces on the ground can show that you need a roof replacement.

Replacing your roof before your shingles break down, even more, can save you money and prevent damage inside the building. Check your shingles for signs of splitting, cracking, or curling. Depending on their condition, you can get away with rooftop patches.

Shingles typically don’t break until they are old and become brittle. Tornados, ice, and hurricanes can damage them in moments, though.

Keep Your Commercial Roof Strong

Investing in a new rooftop can be a big decision that you’re tempted to put off.

Learning about the red flags of commercial roof damage can help you hire contractors before problems get worse. Quick intervention can prevent water damage and keep everyone inside your building safe. If you notice plants growing on top of the roof, be careful walking around since the shingles will likely be moist.

Be sure to read our blog for more content about roof replacement and increasing security at your company!

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