How to Impress a Business Client: 7 Strategies That Really Work

Over 70% of companies depend on current customers over developing new markets. Meanwhile, 81% of customers want to form a relationship with a brand. Over 40% will even pay more for products from brands they’re loyal to.

Learning how to retain clients can help your business grow. Here are seven strategies to help you impress a business client.

With these tips, you can make an impression, retain clients, and improve your ROI long-term. Read on to learn more!

1. Respond Quickly

First, work with your customer service team to improve how you interact with clients. How long it takes for you to respond to their queries can either impress or frustrate customers. Whether by phone calls, email, chat, or in-person, always respond quickly.

The longer customers have to wait, the more frustrated they’ll become. They might leave your business for another if you’re not able to provide solutions to their problems.

Instead, give customers more than one way to contact your business. For example, you can add chatbot functionality to your website. Visitors can get answers to frequently asked questions through the chatbot’s automated answers.

Have an option for customers to speak to a representative through the chatbot as well. Your customer service team can respond to more complex queries while chatting with multiple clients at once.

Keep up with the customer reviews you’re generating. Perhaps customers are leaving reviews on Yelp or your Google Business listing. Try to respond to these comments right away.

Other customers will see how quickly you responded to previous shoppers. They might feel more inclined to trust your business as a result.

Don’t delete any negative comments you receive. Instead, try to offer a solution to the customer’s problem.

Otherwise, make sure to offer customer support on different platforms and at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Customers could have questions when researching your business or after making a purchase. Remaining available can help customers make their initial purchase and encourage them to come back for more.

Responding to customer queries quickly will show customers you care about their experiences with your business.

2. Show, Don’t Tell

Instead of telling customers you appreciate their business, show them. Prove you care about them by taking action.

For example, perhaps clients are visiting for an in-person meeting at your offices. Have a limo service pick them up from the airport. For example, you can use Los Angeles Limo to give clients a luxurious experience.

Make sure you’re treating clients like human beings, not sales.

Consider using personalization to emotionally connect with clients. Learn as much as you can about your customers by gathering demo- and psychographic research. Then, segment your audience into smaller, distinctive buyer personas.

Understanding who your customers are (and what they care about most) will help you better appeal to their needs. You can show customers you care about them instead of using words.

After all, the proof is in the pudding!

3. Reward Loyalty

You can also show customers you care about them by offering your loyal customers perks. Rewarding your loyal customers will encourage them to come back and make another purchase.

For example, you can set up a loyalty program that rewards repeat purchases. Once the customer reaches 10 purchases, send them a coupon code, gift, or freebie item.

You can also develop a referral program. Reward your loyal customers who attract new customers to your business. You can send them rewards for each referral or give them a discount on their own orders when they bring in new customers.

Rewarding your most valuable clients will encourage them to stick around and make more purchases.

4. Know Their Needs

In order to impress clients, try to anticipate their needs before they do.

Understanding your customers will show them you’re paying attention. You can care for your customers by reaching out and offering products or services they weren’t aware of. Upselling will also boost the value of each client, improving your ROI.

Otherwise, make sure to provide genuine help. Remember, each customer is an individual. Don’t think of them as sales.

For example, if someone chooses a product, impress them by going out of your way to offer the information they need.

5. Follow Up

Once you start gaining customers, retain clients by following up.

For example, you can automate emails to appear in front of clients after they complete a purchase. Plan to automate two emails: one confirming their purchase immediately, and another a week later for upselling purposes.

For example, you can send them an email featuring other products they might enjoy based on their initial purchase.

Don’t forget to send thank you notes to show your appreciation!

6. Remain Spontaneous

As you begin using these client retention strategies, look for ways to be spontaneous. Surprise and impress clients by looking for new ways to engage them.

For example, you can use live chat or social media to connect with customers. Remember to check your customer research. Consider where they spend the most time (on specific websites, social media platforms, etc.).

Surprise them with special offers or discounts. Send special gifts, vouchers, or exclusive deals. Don’t forget to reach out on occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.

Engaging your audience can boost their satisfaction levels.

7. Keep Promises

Don’t make the mistake of verbalizing promises you can’t keep. Otherwise, clients might move on to one of your competitors. Keeping your promises can help you retain clients for years.

If they feel cheated, you’ll start losing customers instead. They might tell others about their disappointing experience with your business, too. Your brand’s reputation might plummet as a result.

Impress Your Next Business Client Today

Learning how to impress a business client can help you retain that client. Once you retain clients, you can generate repeat sales. Your ROI will rise, enabling your business to experience growth.

Start using these client retention strategies to grow your business today!

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