The Important Online Shopping Tips for Women

More than 263 million Americans shop online. That’s a huge percentage of the population! Are you a savvy online shopper?

When you’re buying clothes online, it can be tricky. Women’s fashion can be difficult to buy, even in person. It gets more difficult when you’re shopping on the web and trying to navigate unique sizing, untrustworthy photos, and more.

We’re here to offer a few shopping tips to make your online shopping easier and to ensure that you always love what shows up at your door. Read on for our best pieces of online shopping advice.

Always Read Reviews

Before buying anything online, you should be reading reviews. If the item is too new for reviews, it’s in your best interest to wait until there are reviews available from braver shoppers than yourself.

When you’re shopping in person, you can feel the fabric, try it on, and determine whether or not you really want to buy it.

Online, you don’t have that luxury. You’re basing your entire opinion of the clothing on the product description and the photos. Use reviews to your advantage.

Specifically, look for reviews with photos, especially if you can find people with similar measurements. This will show you how clothes look on real bodies instead of just the models.

Reviews can also tell you helpful information about shipping, the fabric, and so much more. Read both positive and negative reviews, and if there are too many positive reviews, take them with a grain of salt. It’s possible that the company is deleting negative reviews or posting fake positive reviews!

Reverse Image Search Is Your Friend

When you see a piece of clothing on a website that you’re interested in buying, don’t act so fast! Reverse image search it first.

Some websites have exclusive clothing, so you won’t find it elsewhere. Some websites, however, will steal photos of that exclusive clothing and sell knock-off versions.

Those knock-off versions don’t just steal work; they produce it in poorer quality, so what you get won’t be nearly as nice as what you thought you were getting.

Reverse image searching is also helpful when you’re buying a brand that’s available at several different online stores. You can see if it’s available for a more affordable price elsewhere. Just remember that if the price is too affordable, there’s a possibility that it’s fake.

Read Sizing Information Carefully

In person, you can try on clothing before you buy it. Online, that’s not an option. Always read the sizing information before you make a purchase.

Everyone who buys women’s clothing knows that sizing can seem random sometimes. You may be a 4 in one brand of dress and an 8 in another. This is why you have to measure.

Measure yourself and find the right clothing size based on that measurement. Don’t assume that you’re always going to be the same size between stores.

This isn’t an entirely foolproof solution, but it will save you a lot of trouble.

Keep the Return Policy in Mind

Sometimes items don’t work out. While returning things should only be reserved for items that don’t fit or weren’t as advertised (don’t just order things to try them on), it is occasionally necessary.

Before you make a purchase, check out the return policy and make sure that it works for you.

Some stores don’t allow returns at all, or they limit their returns for certain items. Others may make customers pay for shipping to return items, or they may only process returns for store credit rather than cash.

This is especially important if you’re ordering expensive items or items from overseas. It may be more difficult (or even impossible) to do those returns.

Look for Coupons and Discounts

One of the best things about buying clothes online is the abundance of available coupons and discounts. Always look for coupon codes and sales before you make a purchase!

You can use helpful coupon finders like Honey if you want quick and easy access to discounts. Sometimes you can even find discounts on the stores’ websites.

If you have several items in your cart, try clicking off of the page and leaving it alone for a few minutes. Sometimes, the websites will email you coupon codes to bring you back.

You almost never have to buy something online for full price if you’re willing to wait for it.

Don’t Underestimate Used Clothing

Used clothing isn’t only in thrift shops. You can also buy used clothing online. This can help you save a few dollars on great clothes, and you’ll be doing something good for the environment by shopping secondhand.

There are plenty of places where you can buy used clothing. Online consignment stores are great for used luxury clothing and hard-to-find pieces. You can also shop on social media marketplaces or various used item marketplaces.

Make sure you check the quality of the item before you buy it. Ask if there are any imperfections or signs of wear. You can often find used clothes that are in like-new condition.

Keep These Online Shopping Tips in Mind

Next time you’re ready for a shopping spree, remember these helpful online shopping tips. Read reviews, check measurements, use reverse image search tools, take note of return policies, look for discounts, and don’t forget the value of buying used clothing.

You can have a fantastic new wardrobe that you love without having to set foot in a shopping mall!

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