26 Best Hair Growth Products You Need To Add To Your Beauty Closet

It’s safe to assume that hair growth has been on everyone’s mind at one point or another, whether you are trying to achieve a thick, glossy mane of hair that you saw on TikTok or you’re feeling concerned with thinning strands. The tricky part is knowing where to begin and how to overcome the many obstacles that stand between you and your hair goals (we’re looking at you, curling irons!).

Leaning into hair growth is a journey when there are a plethora of growth-targeted products in the market. To begin the voyage, start with regularly cutting your hair. That may sound initially counterintuitive, but trimming your hair will help to get rid of split ends and maintain healthy locks. From there, things can get a bit overwhelming. We are here to help you break down all of the potential solutions amid the many remedies for hair growth.

Keep in mind that while we can recommend products for hair growth, speaking to a healthcare professional is always going to be your best bet when experiencing serious concerns around hair loss.

In the meantime, here are 26 of the best hair growth products to begin your trek to hair nirvana.

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26 Best Hair Growth Products Best Overall Hair Growth Serum Vegamour GRO Hair Serum, $58 at Amazon

Vegamour is well known for its science-backed, clinically tested plant-based ingredients. Their products are clean and 100% vegan, including their hero product—the GRO Hair Serum. It is made with vegan Phyto-actives that create a healthy follicular ecosystem on the scalp and steer clear of any toxic chemicals or carcinogens. Vegamour says that you can see peak results within just 120 days of using the serum daily.

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Best Hair Growth Serum for Aged Hair Better Not Younger Superpower Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum, $49.00 at Ulta

Better Not Younger products are created for hair types that have changed with age and desire support for hair health at the stage they are currently in, rather than trying to capture unattainable youth. The brand is changing the narrative around aging, one product at a time, including with its award-winning Superpower Serum. It is designed specifically for women over 40 and works to rebalance scalp oils and reverse follicle fatigue.

Best Vegan Hair Growth Serum Philip B. Scalp Booster, $85.00 at Dermstore

This vegan scalp serum from Philip B. Is crafted to reactivate hair growth and reduce thinning with a self-heating formula that nourishes hair follicles. It helps the cells within the hair to divide and multiply, creating volume and thickness while also improving shine.

Best Hydrating Hair Growth Serum Act+Acre Cold Processed Stem Cell Serum, $86.00 at Bluemercury

This Serum from Act+Acre not only promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss, but also hydrates and soothes the scalp. It is an award-winning, revitalizing serum that improves follicle health to boost fuller, stronger hair.

Best Oil-Free Hair Growth Serum EVOLVh Better Roots RootBoost Serum, $48.00 at Credo Beauty

If you have oily hair, you may be wary of hair serums that could weigh the strands down. But worry not about this serum from EVOLVh. It features a water-thin texture that absorbs instantly and has a rose scent thanks to the rose distillate base that contains ten clean, active ingredients to promote thicker hair and reduce shedding and graying.

Best Silicone-Free Hair Growth Serum The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density, $17.90 at Ulta

The Ordinary is typically known for its stripped-down skincare products, but they offer the same kind of support for hair care. The Multi-Peptide Serum is free from silicones, parabens, sulfates and much more. The concentrated solution provides denser, healthier hair by utilizing a number of complexes, including REDENSYL, Procapil peptide, CAPIXYL peptide, BAICAPIL and AnaGain.

Best Clean Hair Growth Treatment Maya Chia Power Fol Multi-Correctional Scalp and Hair Treatment, $72.00 at Credo Beauty

This growth treatment from Maya Chia is clean and made with advanced ingredients that prevent hair loss and promote stronger strands. It is a lightweight treatment that is full of fiber, vegetable collagen, caffeine and ashwagandha. Users can expect to start seeing results in about 90 days when using the treatment daily.

Best Affordable Hair Growth Treatment The INKEY List Caffeine Scalp Treatment, $14.99 at The INKEY List

Reach new lengths practically overnight (and over a three-month period) with this scalp serum from Inkey List. It uses caffeine powder and Redensyl to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair follicles leading to thicker, stronger hair. And the best part yet is that it’s under $15.

Best Vegan Hair Growth Treatment La Tierra Sagrada Treatment, $50.00 at Credo Beauty

La Tierra Sagrada is a vegan, plant-based hair care line. The Treatment is nourishing, rejuvenating and non-toxic. It supports hair growth by reducing split ends and balancing the scalp. The leave-in treatment also helps to stimulate the hair follicles with ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, rosemary and more.

Best Clean Hair Growth Oil Nessa Nessa’s Crowning Glory, $39.00 at Credo Beauty

This scalp and hair oil from Nessa is meant to be used pre-shampoo, but can also be used on post-shower wet hair or dry hair to tame frizz and dryness. It helps hydrate and enrich your hair and scalp from top to bottom with vitamins, collagen and omegas. The plant actives support healthy hair regrowth and overall scalp health while reducing irritation.

Best Castor Oil for Hair Growth Briogeo B. Well Organic + Cold-Pressed 100% Castor Oil, $26.00 at Ulta

Castor Oil is an ingredient flagged to many as a way to promote hair growth. This option from Briogeo is 100% fair trade castor oil, composed of Vitamin E, omegas, and humectants that nourish hair follicles and promote healthy growth. Bonus: it can also be used on your skin for hydration.

Best Overall Hair Oil for Hair Growth évolis Professional PROMOTE Activator, $65.00 at Dermstore

This activator oil from évolis promotes hair growth and claims to lengthen the hair by 20%. It features a unique blend of ingredients like Baobab, Sanguisorba Officinalis, Rosa Multiflora and Swertia Chirata that all aid in hydrating and strengthening the hair while preventing future damage.

Best Bonding Oil for Hair Growth OLAPLEX Nº.7 Bonding Oil, $30.00 at Ulta

Olaplex is a pioneer in bonding hair products, focusing heavily on repairing hair from the inside out with its patented ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. This bonding oil from the brand specifically increases shine, strengthens the hair structure, repairs compromised strands and prevents frizz. It is a highly concentrated yet lightweight oil that can be reapplied between washes.

Best Hair Growth Supplement for Women Nutrafol Women, $88.00 at Nutrafol

Nutrafol is highly-regarded for the work they have done around effective hair supplements and growth products. They take a scientific and clinically-tested approach when creating the formulas that compose their products, putting them at the forefront of hair wellness research. Their women’s hair supplement has won the Allure breakthrough award and is made with medical-grade, natural ingredients that tackle thinning hair. The daily supplements result in fast-growing, strong, thick hair.

Best Vegan Supplement for Hair Growth OUAI Thick & Full Supplements, $42.00 at Ulta

OUAI is a highly-regarded hair care brand from celebrity stylist, Jen Atkin, and the products speak for themselves. These vegan supplements can be used daily to support healthy hair and create a thicker, fuller feel. It features ingredients like biotin, pea shoot extract and a multivitamin complex.

Best Gummy Supplement for Hair Growth Hum Hair Sweet Hair, $26.00 at Sephora

If you’re not particularly a fan of pill supplements, give Hum’s gummies a go. The brand pays close attention to its ingredients, sourcing them with care and intention. The Hair Sweet Hair vegan gummies create long, strong, healthy hair with ingredients like biotin, folic acid, Vitamin B12 and more. Plus, they’re fun to eat!

Best Postpartum Supplement for Hair Growth Nutrafol Postpartum, $88 at Nutrafol

Nutrafol is back again with the best supplement for postpartum hair growth. Their postpartum supplement is specifically targeted to regenerate hair growth in the first year after giving birth or breastfeeding. It is breastfeeding-friendly featuring natural ingredients like Theanine, Shatavari, DHA Omega-3s, Tocotrienol Complex, and Marine Collagen with Nettle and Apple.

Best Overall Supplement for Hair Growth Augustinus Bader The Hair Revitalizing Complex, $125.00 at Bluemercury

These supplements from luxury beauty brand Augustinus Bader are clean and science-backed. They are clinically proven to improve hair health, support new hair growth, and fight off hair thinning and shedding by preventing harmful buildup around the hair follicles. A number of their tests demonstrate users growing stronger, thicker nourished hair. But if you don’t believe us, just give them a try and test it out for yourself!

Best Hair Growth Powder Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder, $33.83 at Amazon

This collagen powder has amassed a 4.5 rating on Amazon with over 178,000 reviews. Did you hear that mic drop? While the reviews speak for themselves, we wanted to let you know firsthand that this powder from Vital Proteins is the best powder for hair growth made with bovine hide collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. It is unflavored and can be added to hot or cold liquids at any time of day.

Best Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner with Hyaluronic Acid Kerastase Bain Densité Shampoo and Fondant Densité Conditioner, $38.00 and $44.00 at Sephora Best Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner with Hyaluronic Acid

This shampoo and conditioner from the professional haircare brand, Kérastase is built differently from other hair washes featuring hyaluronic acid. Both promote strong hair growth, but specifically, the shampoo strengthens, cleanses build-up, increases density and creates fullness while the conditioner improves texture and detangles. Talk about a dynamic duo!

Best Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner with Biotin Redken Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner, each $24.00 at Ulta Best Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner with Biotin

This set from Redkin hones in on growth by infusing biotin and the Redken Length Care Complex into both formulas. The shampoo prevents breakage and cleanses the hair and the conditioner, also made with castor oil, provides lightweight nourishment while strengthening delicate strands and adding shine.

Best Clean Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner NatureLab. Tokyo Perfect Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, each $15.00 at Ulta Best Clean Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

Affordable and clean, this shampoo and conditioner set from NatureLab. Tokyo addresses stronger, protected hair growth through the infusion of smart keratin, argan oils, and prickly pear oils. The conditioner specifically is antioxidant-rich that protects the strands from UV and thermal damage.

Best Vegan Mask for Hair Growth BondiBoost Miracle Mask for Thinning Hair, $27.99 at Ulta

This vegan hair mask from BondiBoost is specifically targeted toward thinning hair types. It is packed with essential ingredients like castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and more to promote thicker, healthier and fuller-looking hair. Use the deep conditioning mask once a week after shampooing and in place of your conditioner for the best results.

Best Clean Mask for Hair Growth Crown Affair The Renewal Hydrating Hair Mask, $58.00 at Sephora

This clean, scentless, luxurious hair mask from Crown Affair can be used once a week to hydrate and heal damaged hair from the inside out. It is formulated with Tsubaki seed oil for flexibility and moisture, and yuzu fruit extract for strength, collagen production and smoothness.

Best Brush for Hair Growth Solaris Laboratories NY Intensive LED Hair Growth Brush, $70.00 at Revolve

This LED hair brush from Intensive LED is a new kind of hair-growth tool featuring a gentle sonic vibration and red, and blue LED. It helps to control oil production, and stimulate microcirculation in the scalp, which in turn nourishes and boosts hair growth. It can be used on all hair types as long as your locks are not wet.

Best Scalp Massager for Hair Growth Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Scalp Massager, $18.00 at Vegamour

This scalp massager from Vegamour is another amazing way to stimulate the scalp and help with hair growth. It can be used both inside and outside of the shower and works well with all hair types. Use it with a hair serum or shampoo to penetrate the product deeper into the scalp and get a relaxing DIY head massage.

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