A Quick Homeowner’s Guide to Proper AC Maintenance

A new AC system can cost up to $7,500, so you should know how to maintain yours.

AC systems offer several benefits to homeowners, including fresh air and comfortable temperatures. Yet, many homeowners overlook AC maintenance, preventing them from getting the most out of their systems.

If you’re unsure of how to maintain a heating and cooling unit, you may face damage to your home and health. To avoid this, you’ll learn all the main info you need about AC maintenance in this quick guide.

Read on to learn how to maintain your AC system.

Replace Filters

One of the best things you can do to maintain your HVAC system is to replace its filters. Air filters prevent particles and allergens in the air from being spread around your home. Without changing them, your home’s air quality will decrease and the AC won’t run efficiently.

Replacing an AC system’s filter is as simple as sliding it out and inserting a new one. You can find them in many home improvement stores and online at affordable rates.

Clean Debris

Aside from replacing the filters, you should clean debris and dust on the AC system. If your filters are still in good condition, remove them and use a vacuum to lift allergens from them.

To clean the rest of the AC, use a microfiber cloth with warm water. If your AC system is outdoors, you can hose the grill to remove anything stuck to it.

Keep in mind that you should turn your AC unit off before cleaning it, especially if you use water.

Look for Leaks

Speaking of water, a leaking AC can cause various problems to your home if you don’t repair it as quickly as possible. Because of this, check your AC often for signs of water damage. Several parts can leak, such as the condenser unit and ducts, so you must examine the entire unit.

If you find signs of water damage, contact a professional immediately. Leaving it unchecked can lead to excess moisture, which can then cause mold growth.

Service Your AC

The last thing to do is get your AC serviced at least once a year. This involves having an air conditioning professional check your system to determine if it has any problems.

Servicing an HVAC system is the best way to avoid long-term damage because a pro can solve any issues they identify on the spot. This will help you ensure your home’s air quality is the best it can be.

AC Maintenance Is That Simple

No matter what HVAC system you have, you now know how easy it is to maintain it. While certain things may take more time than others, AC maintenance is all about cleaning and monitoring your unit’s performance.

With this in mind, start cleaning yours and looking for problems as soon as possible.

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