Some of the Top Kid Box Subscription Options Available Today

 Is your little one into science and crafts? Do they love reading and ripping open mystery packages after school? If you have a kid, it’s time to subscribe to a monthly subscription box! Kids love subscription boxes for the same reasons adults do:

  • Surprises.
  • The joy of unwrapping a new present.
  • Knowing they’ll get something they’ll enjoy.

The best kids’ subscription boxes offer toys, games, crafts kits, books, and toys from brands they love. Here are some of the top monthly kid box subscription options available today.

The Ultimate Craft Box

The Ultimate Craft Box is a monthly kid box subscription for kids aged nine and up. The Ultimate Craft Box includes all the necessary craft supplies to create more than 100 projects. The projects are all inspired by pop culture, from t-shirt decorating ideas to princess costumes. All the stores are high-quality and made for kids. The box has a craft tutorial book, so your child can follow along. The projects are designed with creative and critical thinking skills, so your child can grow their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while having fun.

Kid Art Lit

Kid Art Lit prides itself as the only monthly kid box subscription option that combines high-quality literature and process-oriented art activities. The best part is that each month usually features new projects that inspire the kid’s desire to read and craft. You can customize your membership and term length to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Nerd Block

Nerd Block is a monthly science, chemistry, and nerdy accessories subscription box for kids aged nine and up. With Nerd Block, kiddos can explore their love of science, chemistry, and nerdy things with an additional monthly subscription. They’ll get three different age-appropriate accessories, including a pencil case, stickers, and a notebook. 

All the subscription products are science or chemistry themed, designed to enhance learning and curiosity. You can expect a mix of accessories that support learning and exploration, like notebooks, folders, and dry-erase markers. Some subscription items might help your child’s interests, like a weird and wacky book about chemistry or nerdy DIY accessories like a binder clip cover or a pencil case cover.

Kid to Kid

Kid to Kid is a monthly kid box subscription that delivers toys, art supplies, books, and more for kids aged 5+. Like Nerd Block, they send themed science and chemistry toys, books, and accessories. Kid to Kid also includes activities, crafts, and snacks in every box. Each Kid to-Kid box has a theme and consists of a postcard so your child can learn about the theme and other fun things in the box.

Handy Manny

Handy Manny is a monthly DIY craft subscription box for kids aged 5+ who love arts and crafts. The DIY craft subscription service includes a mix of themed and non-themed DIY craft subscriptions. Each DIY craft subscription box contains everything your child needs to create a project inspired by the theme.


Kids love subscription boxes because they enjoy the joy of the surprise and opening a present each month. You need to find one your child loves to get the most out of your subscription box. Look for a subscription box that offers toys, crafts, books, and games from brands your child loves. When you find one, make sure to continue subscribing to your child! 

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