Pranaiya Oulapathorn – Intern – Big Issue Invest

Pranaiya Oulapathorn is an intern for Big Issue Invest. Her primary focus will be in the marketing and communications department, where she will learn about the inner workings of the company and how

Pranaiya is an intern at Big Issue Invest. She has experience in financial analysis, data entry, and marketing. After completing her undergraduate degree in business administration from Chulalongkorn University, she decided to pursue a career in the financial sector. Pranaiya is passionate about helping others succeed, which is why she loves working at Big Issue Invest. She loves learning new things and developing skills that will help her grow and develop as a professional. In the future, she wants to work in a role where she can make a real difference in people’s lives.

to improve its messaging. Pranaiya is a student at Chulalongkorn University and has a degree in business administration. She is also a volunteer with the Red Cross, where she works as a fundraising coordinator. Pranaiya has a passion for helping others and believes that communication is essential to achieving positive social change. She looks forward to working with the team at Big Issue Invest and helping them reach their goals.

About Pranaiya Oulapathorn

Pranaiya Oulapathorn is an intern at the Big Issue Invest office in Bangkok, Thailand. Born and raised in Bangkok, Pranaiya has been working with the Big Issue Invest team for over a year now. During this time, she has gained invaluable experience working with people from all walks of life.

“I love being able to help people in need and see the positive change

Pranaiya Oulapathorn is an intern at Big Issue Invest. She previously worked in the retail industry, where she learned about business and finance. Pranaiya is interested in social issues and believes that working to improve society is a valuable way to contribute to the world.

As an intern at Big Issue Invest, Pranaiya is involved in a wide range of activities. She works on our finances and marketing teams, providing support and advice to our vendors. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going on walks, and spending time with her family.

es that come as a result of my work. I believe that change starts with small steps and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with such a great team at the Big Issue Invest office.”

Pranaiya is currently completing her undergraduate degree in social sciences at Chulalongkorn University. She hopes to continue her education and eventually become a social worker or policy expert.

What Pranaiya does at Big Issue Invest

Pranaiya is a recent college graduate who has decided to become an intern at Big Issue Invest. She has been working at the company for a few weeks now and loves it!

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far. I love the atmosphere and the people. It’s such a friendly environment, which is great since I’m new to the city. The work is also challenging and interesting, which makes it all worthwhile.”

Pranaiya is studying business administration at university, so she knows a lot about finance and accounting. She is excited to learn more about this sector and get experience in an industry that’s growing increasingly important.

“I think it would be great to develop my skills in this area further and eventually move into a managerial position within the company. That’s definitely something I’d like to aim for in the future.”

Why Pranaiya loves working at Big Issue Invest

“Pranaiya loves working at Big Issue Invest because she gets to help people in need.

‘I love that I get to help people who are in need and that I can make a difference in their lives,’ says Pranaiya. ‘I also really enjoy the team spirit here – everyone is very friendly and supportive.’

Pranaiya has been working at Big Issue Invest for just over a month, but she’s a

For Pranaiya, working at Big Issue Invest is a fun and interesting way to contribute to her community. “I love the sense of ownership that comes with working on a project that’s important to so many people,” she says.

Pranaiya got involved with Big Issue Invest through an internship program. “The experience has been really valuable. I’ve learnt a lot about project management and finance, and I’ve also made some great connections within the company,” she says.

Pranaiya is passionate about helping others, and she loves being able to use her skills in a practical way. She hopes to continue working with Big Issue Invest after graduating from university next year.

lready made a big impact. She’s helped customers with everything from finding work to accessing healthcare.

‘I love being able to help my customers in whatever way possible,’ says Pranaiya. ‘It’s always rewarding when I see them start to move forward and achieve their goals.’

That dedication is what makes Pranaiya such a great intern at Big Issue Invest. She’s always looking for ways to improve her skills and contribute towards the success of the company.

‘I’m looking forward to continuing my internship here and learning as much as possible,’ says Pranaiya.”

How Pranaiya got interested in the nonprofit sector

In December 2016, Pranaiya Oulapathorn graduated from the Pranaiya Oulapathorn is an intern at Big Issue Invest, and she became interested in the nonprofit sector after hearing about a homeless person who had been helped by the organization. She is passionate about helping disadvantaged people and believes that nonprofits are a great way to do this. Pranaiya is working on developing a marketing campaign for Big Issue Invest, and she plans to use her skills to create more awareness of the organization’s work.

university with a degree in business administration. She had always been interested in the nonprofit sector and decided to pursue a career in it after she completed her undergraduate studies. Inspired by her mother, who is an environmental activist, Pranaiya felt that nonprofits could play an important role in society by promoting social justice and environmental awareness.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Pranaiya applied for and was accepted into the Big Issue Invest internship program. During her time at Big Issue Invest, she worked on both the marketing and fundraising departments. Her skills in marketing helped the organization generate more interest from potential donors and increase its donation total. Meanwhile, her experience fundraising helped the organization secure additional funding from private investors. Overall, Pranaiya enjoyed working at Big Issue Invest because she got to learn about different aspects of the nonprofit sector and build relationships with other professionals in the field. She is now planning to continue working in the nonprofit sector after she completes her graduate studies.

What Pranaiya looks for in a good cause

Pranaiya Oulapathorn is a recent college graduate who has decided to dedicate her time and resources to the Big Issue Invest cause. She believes that if everyone had access to quality, affordable goods, poverty would be eliminated.

“There are so many good causes out there and I wanted to find one that was close t

Pranaiya Oulapathorn believes in giving back to the community and has been a part of numerous good causes. Here she shares what she looks for in a good cause.

“I think it’s important for charities to have a clear focus and purpose. I want to feel like my donation is going towards something that will make a tangible difference in people’s lives,” says Pranaiya.

She also likes organisations that are transparent and share data about their work on social media. “I love knowing how my money is being used and being able to connect with the charity through social media channels is really awesome.”

For Pranaiya, it’s all about making a meaningful impact on the communities she supports, whether it be through fundraising or hands-on volunteering. “I really appreciate organisations that allow me to do both,” she says.

o my heart,” says Pranaiya. “I saw the Big Issue Invest campaign online and it just spoke to me – it’s such an important issue and it needs our support.”

Pranaiya has already made a big impact on the cause by organizing events and fundraising for Big Issue Invest. In her spare time, she also volunteers at a soup kitchen in Bangkok. She is passionate about helping others and is determined to make a difference in the world.

The importance of teamwork at Big Issue Invest

teamwork is essential to success in any field, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of charity work. In order to accomplish anything worthwhile, volunteers must work together as a team, sharing resources and ideas while focusing on the bigger picture.

At Big Issue Invest, teamwork is key to our mission of helping people in need. We rely on the contributions of interns like Pranaiya Oulapathorn to help us achieve our goals. As an intern at Big Issue Invest, Pranaiya has learned that working together is essential for success.

“It’s so important to have a good team here at Big Issue Invest,” says Pranaiya. “Everyone plays their part and helps make things happen.”

Pranaiya has found that her time spent working alongside the other interns at Big Issue Invest has been both challenging and rewarding. She credits her team members with teaching her a lot about the charity industry and how to be successful in her role.

“I’ve learned so much from my teammates,” says Pranaiya. “They’ve shown me how important it is to be organized and detail-oriented when it comes to managing projects.”

In addition to his skills as an intern, Pranaiya also brings something unique to the table: his Thai culture and language skills. This asset has proved valuable in communicating with our donors and clients from around the world.

“Working at Big Issue Invest has given me


Pranaiya is an intern with Big Issue Invest. She has been working on a project to improve the skills of people in her community by teaching them about financial planning and investing. In this article, Pranaiya shares some tips for becoming financially savvy and discusses some of the challenges she has faced while working on h

Pranaiya Oulapathorn is an intern with Big Issue Invest. In her short time with the organization, she has already made a significant impact on the work that we do. Pranaiya is passionate about helping people in need and believes that the Big Issue model is one of the most effective ways to do this. She is committed to giving back to her community and looks forward to continuing her involvement with Big Issue Invest in the future.

er project. Her advice can help everyone learn something new about managing their money and achieving long-term financial stability.

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