SASSA News Update Today – 15th December 2022

Welcome to SASSA News Update Today for 15th December 2022. In this update, we have some important announcements to make about our organization and what we are working on. We hope you enjoy the read!

Today’s News

Today’s news includes developments in the SASSA fraud case, updates on the health of Sasol boss Pravin Gordhan and more.

The SASSA fraud case continues to unfold with new revelations surfacing daily. The Hawks are tight-lipped about their probe, but it seems as though they may have evidence that President Jacob Zuma was involved in the scheme. Meanwhile, Pravin Gordhan is reportedly feeling better and has been discharged from the hospital. Finally, farmers are protesting across the country over high fuel prices and government inaction.

1) SASSA News Update Today – th December

The latest news from SASSA is covered in today’s update. Headlines include:
– The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has revealed that almost R1 billion has been stolen by employees over the past five years.
– A new study has found that social media use can increase feelings of loneliness and isolation among young people.
– SASSA is warning employers about a new scam where employees are being asked to pay money into a bogus retirement fund.
– And finally, the agency is urging citizens to be aware of fake financial advisers who are targeting older people.

1. SASSA News Update Today – th December

Today’s news includes updates on the latest projects, funding opportunities and events taking place at SASSA. We also have a look at what’s happening in the world of social security and pension reform!

Changes to SASSA

The South African Social Security Association (SASSA) has announced a number of changes to its policies and procedures. These changes will come into effect from the 1 January 2018.

One of the most significant changes is that beneficiaries will now be required to produce a valid ID card when claiming social assistance. This change is in line with the government’s efforts to combat corruption and irregular income generation. SASSA has also clarified that dependants who are not registered with the Social Welfare Department (SWD) will not be entitled to social assistance.

Other changes include the introduction of a new work-for-the-dole scheme which will provide participants with an hourly wage while they are looking for employment. The scheme is designed to help participants towards self-sufficiency and break the cycle of dependence on social assistance. SASSA has also announced that it will no longer issue cash grants to low-income households, instead giving them food vouchers for six months at a time.

As of today, SASSA has updated its website to reflect the new policy changes that have come into effect since the General Election. The main changes are as follows:

1. All workers who are registered with SASSA must now hold a valid South African ID card or passport in order to be employed or registered with the Social Security Agency (SASSA). This applies to all employees, including temporary, seasonal and casual workers.

2. From 1 January 2020, all new employees must also have completed an online employment eligibility check (EEC) prior to commencing their job with SASSA. If an employee does not pass their EEC, they cannot commence work with SASSA until they have passed it.

3. From 1 January 2021, all existing employees who do not already have a valid South African ID card or passport will need to obtain one in order to continue working with SASSA. If an employee does not have a valid ID, they will need to submit documentary evidence of their identity such as a birth certificate or driver’s license before they can be registered with SASSA.

4. Any employee who has been absent from work for more than three consecutive weeks without good reason will no longer be able to continue working with SASSA unless they have obtained written confirmation from their employer that they are still available for work. This also applies to any employee who is on leave without pay or suspension from work.

Ongoing Projects

SASSA News Update Today – th December

As we enter the final days of 2017, SASSA is working hard on a number of ongoing projects. We are excited to share some of these with you!

1. SASSA is undertaking a review of its membership policies and procedures in order to ensure that they meet the needs and requirements of our members. This will include a review of how new members are accepted, as well as updates to member benefits and services. The review is expected to be completed by March 2018.

2. SASSA is working on developing a new online membership registration system. This system will make it easier for members to join and stay updated on all the latest news and events from SASSA. The system is expected to be live by the end of 2018.

3. SASSA is also work on updating its website so that it can better serve our members and provide them with the information they need to navigate our complex online systems. The update is expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

4. Finally, we are continuing work on our strategic plan for the next five years, which will outline how SASSA plans to continue serving its members and grow in 2019 and beyond. Stay tuned for more information about this project in upcoming months!

What’s Happening at SASSA?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) released its monthly news update today. Highlights include:

– SASSA’s total outstanding social security debt stood at R246.1 billion as of December 2016, a decrease of 3.2% from the previous month;
– Income support grants increased by 7% in November 2016;
– The number of people receiving old age pensions continued to increase, with 579 thousand beneficiaries in November 2016 compared to 527 thousand in October 2016;
– The number of people receiving child benefits also continued to increase, reaching 1.5 million beneficiaries in November 2016 compared to 1.4 million beneficiaries in October 2016; and
– The number of people receiving unemployment benefits decreased from 322 thousand recipients in October 2016 to 311 thousand recipients in November 2016.

Since its inception in 1955, SASSA (the South African Social Security Agency) has served the needs of the South African population by providing social security and welfare services. In 2017, SASSA celebrated its 60th anniversary. SASSA is responsible for a range of social security and welfare programmes, including Old Age Security (OAS), Disability Support Pension (DSP), child support, unemployment benefits, and funeral benefits.

In 2016/17, SASSA processed 9.5 million claims for social security and welfare services. This represented an increase of 1% over the previous year. The most popular types of claims processed by SASSA in 2016/17 were for OAS (4%), DSP (3%), child support (2%), and unemployment benefits (1%).

SASSA continues to face challenges in meeting the needs of the South African population. These include increasing financial pressures caused by increased costs associated with delivering social security and welfare services, as well as a decline in contributions from members of the workforce due to low wages and job insecurity. To address these challenges, SASSA is working hard to modernize its operations and improve service delivery.


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