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The internet has some of the weirdest fan pages for celebrities that you’ll ever come across. One of these strange social media pages is called Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene Photos Reddit. This page has over 25,000 subscribers and started on July 1st, 2016. The fandom name is actually quite fitting as there is a lot of disturbing images posted on this website.

Stacy Wilson was a school bus driver for a local company. On April 29, 2015, he was involved in a fatal car crash on an interstate highway in Texas. A passenger from another car died and Wilson was charged with driving while intoxicated. People have been posting images on the internet of what they have found inside Wilson’s bus.


On February 27th, Stacy Wilson was killed while riding her bus in Durham, North Carolina. Wilson’s murder has sparked outrage on social media and prompted the Durham County Sheriff’s Office to release photos of the crime scene. The photos show a bloodied bus and a victim who was apparently brutally beaten.

Stacy Wilson was a teacher and mother of two in Durham, North Carolina. Her death is shocking and heartbreaking, and her family has asked for anyone with information about her murder to come forward. The Durham County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying any witnesses or anyone who may have seen anything suspicious around the time of the homicide. Anyone with information is urged to call the tip line at (919) 560-4440 or Crime Stoppers at (919) 683-1200.

What is the Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene Photos Reddit?

The Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photos Reddit is a popular website that allows users to share and discuss photos of crime scenes. The website has a vast and growing collection of photos of various crime scenes, including the Stacy Wilson bus crime scene.

The Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photos Reddit was created in October of 2017 by user “Unsane” after he discovered a disturbing photo on the internet of a child who had been killed in a car accident. Unsane wanted to create a site where people could share photos of crime scenes in order to help connect investigators with witnesses and provide closure for the victims’ families.

Since its creation, the Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photos Reddit has grown exponentially. Currently, it has over 370,000 subscribers and over 2 million pageviews per month. The site is filled with pictures of all types of crime scenes, from accidents to murders.

The Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photos Reddit is an invaluable resource for investigators investigating crimes involving children. By providing access to such a large and comprehensive collection of images, the site can help investigators identify potential witnesses and track down leads. In addition, the site provides survivors and families affected by crimes with an outlet through which they can communicate with one another and process their grief.

How to use the site

The Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photos subreddit is a community of Reddit users who share pictures and information about the murder of Stacy Wilson, who was killed on Feb. 10, 2015.

The community has been helpful in sharing information about the case, including identifying potential suspects and providing support to the Wilson family. The subreddit has also been active in raising awareness about bus crime, which is a issue that is often ignored by law enforcement.

Safety Tips for Using the Site

When it comes to investigating crime, sometimes the most important thing you can do is gather information as quickly and accurately as possible. This is especially true when investigating a crime that has caught the attention of the public.

As with any type of investigation, it’s important to take safety precautions while conducting your search. In order to help ensure your safety and that of the people involved in your investigation, here are some tips:

1. Use a VPN When Searching for Evidence on Reddit
Reddit is a great resource for gathering information about crimes that have occurred, but it’s also home to thousands of pages of user-generated content. This means that if you’re not careful, anyone with access to your computer could see what you’re browsing. To help protect yourself from this kind of exposure, use a VPN when searching for evidence on Reddit. Not only will this keep your identity hidden, but it’ll also protect the information you submit to the site.

2. Use Tor For Maximum Privacy When Searching for Evidence on Reddit
Reddit isn’t the only site where you can find user-generated content. In fact, many websites rely on user submissions in order to function. If someone knows what you’re looking for and where to look, they may be able to find it even if you use encryption tools like Tor. However, using Tor isn’t always practical or necessary; depending on the circumstances surrounding a particular case, some evidence might be available without resorting to privacy measures


Stacy Wilson is an American model and actress who was found murdered in her home in December of 2016. This tragic story has captivated the hearts of many Reddit users, and they have shared images from the crime scene on the social news site in an effort to help catch those responsible. The information gathered from these photos will be invaluable in solving this case, so please share them as widely as possible. Thank you for your support!


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