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5 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Getting a new roof can be exciting – but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be confusing too. So much so that most homeowners who need a new roof hire a bad contractor and end up having to pay more in the end.

One of the best ways to avoid getting scammed in the roofing business is to find the right contractor. But how do you find the “right” one? One of the absolute best strategies is to ask the right questions.

Here are our must-know questions for roofing contractors to ask during the roofing company hiring process. Keep reading!

1. What Is the Contractor’s Experience?

Roof contractors who have been in business for many years are generally more reliable and have a proven track record of quality work. Be sure to ask your contractor how long they have been in business and how many roofing projects they have completed.

You should also ask for references from past clients and check out the contractor’s website to see examples of their work. A contractor with experience is more likely to be able to handle any issues that may arise and provide a high-quality finished product.

2. What Is the Contractors’ Licensing and Insurance Information?

It’s important to ask your roofers for their licensing and insurance information before hiring them. This will ensure that they are properly licensed and insured to do the work you need. You can check with your state’s licensing board to verify their licensing status.

Additionally, you should make sure that they have adequate insurance coverage in case something goes wrong during the roofing process.

3. What Is the Contractor’s Warranty Information?

When you are hiring a roofing contractor, be sure to ask about the contractor’s warranty information. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of coverage and length of time. Generally, the longer the warranty, the better the quality of the roofing materials and workmanship.

Be sure to ask about what is covered under the warranty, as well as any exclusions. Also, find out how long the warranty is good for and if it is transferable to a new owner if you sell your home.

4. What Is the Estimated Cost of the Project?

It is important to always get a few different estimates for your roofing project to ensure you are getting the best value. When you are getting your estimates, make sure to ask your roofing contractor what the estimated cost of the project is.

This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay for your roofing project.

5. What Is the Timeline for the Project?

One of the questions you should ask is about the timeline for the project. You need to know how long the project will take so that you can make sure that your schedule can accommodate the work. You also need to be aware of any potential delays that could occur and how they would be handled.

A good roofing company will be able to give you a realistic timeline for the project. They will also be able to provide you with a contingency plan in case of any delays.

Get to Know Your Roofing Contractor Today

Make sure to ask your roofing contractor these important questions before hiring them for the job. By doing your research ahead of time, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality roofing company that will do the job right.

So, why wait? Hire the best roofer today!

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