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4 Gmail Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

More than 60% of owners that run their companies into the ground do so because they underestimated their business strategies.

A great product or idea will fail to succeed if your team is struggling to work cohesively.

If you want to help your team work more as a unit, you should invest in email extensions that result in efficiency.

Continue reading to discover useful Gmail extensions so you can increase productivity!

1. Zoom

One of the most common Gmail extensions people has downloaded since the pandemic is Zoom.

Zoom for Gmail allows you to access meetings within your account. You can open up conversations from your calendar, email, or other Gmail platforms. This is great for staff members to connect with clients and coworkers.

You can expect high-quality images and sound with this extension.

2. Gmelius

If you need help with project management and communication, Gmelius is a great extension to consider.

With Gmelius, you can unsubscribe gmail extension┬áplatforms you previously installed. Since this extension is practical and includes so many services, you won’t need help from multiple programs. Gmelius can simplify your job and increase productivity.

There are endless email templates and tracking features that will make email clutter a thing of the past. Most startup companies and teams that need quick results use Gmelius. Although it requires payment, the subscription can improve your company.

3. Slack

With so many people working remotely, businesses need to have a simple platform to ensure communication.

Slack for Gmail can help you send emails within slack conversations. You can attach documents, photos, and business files without having to start a new thread. If you already rely heavily on Slack for internal communication, this extension is an obvious choice to install.

Having Slack access on Gmail can improve business if your team needs help from the IT department. They can quickly explain their situation after emailing a service ticket.

4. Block Sender

If you unsubscribe from emails but are still dealing with spam, Block Sender can help.

Block Sender for Gmail can permanently block communications from certain emails. A fake error message will appear to the sender, preventing them from continuing to try. You don’t need to hassle with filters if you download this extension since the tools are already integrated.

This extension is perfect for people that don’t want to waste time on useless newsletters or info from uninvited senders. Your emails will become more organized once you download this extension.

Which Gmail Extensions Will You Try?

If you aren’t using Gmail extensions, then you aren’t making the most out of the platform.

Instead of checking various platforms to get a simple task coordinated, you can complete them all within Gmail. These are helpful features that can save you time and prevent errors from occurring. Whether you need assistance with replying to emails or reducing spam emails, there’s a tool to help.

Before making a purchase, do your due diligence and determine if previous customers were satisfied with the results.

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