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Video Editing Software for Mac | How to Edit Videos on Mac [Tutorial]

Editing on Mac is pretty much accessible yet different than most platforms. For Mac, there is a different set of software required, and the change depends on what you use. Video editing is an art, and it depends upon person to person when it comes to editing skills.

However, there is always a need for a creative mind at head content to make interesting videos. If you are looking out to edit your videos on Mac, then we have a guide to Intromaker for you. Mentioned below are all the necessary details you need to know about Mac OS. There are various apps available on the platform. You can choose as per your budget and your needs. So, let us explore the list –

1) Filmora Video Editor

Filmora has a wide variety of tools, and one of the most popular is its video editor. You can get their converters too from their website, and each tool has its guide with it. The software has everything in budget, and it will put things right for a beginner.

If you want to make some fantastic videos using this tool, here are the steps you need to follow. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of them as it can result in editing the whole sequence again. Let’s get started –

Step 1: Open the App

Once you have installed the app successfully, you can now open the app. Before you start, make sure you have an active plan to access the premium features. Open the program, and you will see a new window after a little bit of loading. On your Mac, move on to the next step after opening the app successfully Life style.

Step 2: Import Video Clips

To import clips or even to start with video editing, double click on the left tab. Or you can also drag and drop your files right into the software. It will add the clips to the folder, and then you can start making a sequence out of it. It is pretty easy to do as you just have to select the clips and add them as per your need. Import the music you need and even the images you need for all the videos.

Step 3: Edit the Video

Now comes the most crucial part of making a video. To start with it, create a sequence and add the clips in a series. Add music to the music tab and start adding the video clips to the same edit. You can create multiple rows to reduce hassle and confusion. Now, you have to add a few clips to the Intro makeraccording to the music and effects you use to make it all seamless.

Step 4: Add Transitions

Transitions are required to blend in all the clips as per the music and effects of your editing type. You can use various music tracks for your clips and if you feel like something is missing, add some influence at the end. It will blend in two or more clips at the end to make it all perfect. A video is made using many efforts, and transition needs good work and time.

Step 5: Export

Exporting a video out of the filmora app is a pretty easy thing to do. You can also select an option that directly uploads the video on YouTube without wasting extra time rendering it. However, you can choose the format as per your need. It will provide you with a convenient option to convert videos to different forms for different platforms.

2) iMovie

iMovie is designed specifically for Apple devices, and it has some premium features too. You can easily use the advanced features of Apple iMovie on your videos to make them look attractive. There are many ways in which you can do that. You can use some effects that come with iMovies, or you can also create something beautiful while shooting the video. Create your transitions by moving your camera in a motion that makes it.

Anyways, if you have decided to make your first Vlog or your first video, here is a guide that will help you. Throughout the process, do not leave any of this step out –

Step 1: Launch

Open the app in your Mac OS and start the dashboard screen. Click on add file to import media into the tool to edit.

Step 2: Editing

After the import, start with editing your video using this software. It is by far the best part of making a video where you can showcase your creativity.

Step 3: Export

Once you are done using all the types of effects and colour scheme, it is time to export the video. Select the supported format and upload it to your social media account to let your audience see your content.

3) InVideo

InVideo is used as a tool to make changes in various media files. It is a tool majorly used by people who own an apple system. You need Mac OS for the proper functioning of the tool. This app, as per the name provides fast editing results to edit short videos.

Before you move on to work on it all alone, here is a guide to help you out. Make sure you follow all these steps as mentioned below –

Step 1: Setting up

Open the app and start adding clips into the software. It will begin to the first step to edit your videos on this app.

Step 2: Trim or Cut

After adding, trim, or cut the additional sequence out of the videos. It will help remove fluff from a video on the dashboard.

Step 3: Export

Choose the required format for your videos and go on to export the final video in your preferred style. Make sure it is perfect for all social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram also.

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