The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Crystals

The practice of using crystals for healing dates back over 6,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. Today, crystals are still cherished as natural healers and used in practices such as massage, meditation, and sacred ceremonies.

If you want to start taking advantage of these ancient stones then you need to understand how they work to choose the best one for you.

Start with this guide to the different types of crystals.

What are Crystals?

Crystals are as old as the Earth itself since they form deep in the layers of its crust for millions of years. Heat and pressure turn rock and minerals into unique and precious stones.

These stones are magnetized from the Earth’s magnetic field and absorb or release energy, depending on their charge.

How to Use Crystals?

You can put crystals in jewelry or place them on your body. Touching them connects their specific vibration to your energy and alters it.  Some people carry them in their pockets throughout the day. Others use crystals during a certain time like during meditation.

Doing these practices can help heal physical pain, release emotional trauma, align chakras, or set intentions. Spiritual crystals can also elevate your intuition and bring about heightened awareness. The effects of crystals depend on which type of stone you use.

Here are some popular crystals to get started.

Different Types of Crystals

Healing crystals come in all shapes and sizes, which can also affect their vibration. So, once you choose the type of crystal from the list below, consider the cut that will best suit your needs.


There are several kinds of quartz crystals but the clear one is the most popular. It is found all around the world, but it is universally used for the purpose of setting intentions. Its clear color helps you focus and listen to your inner guidance.


Moonstone is also a common stone found on jewelry and is usually polished. People use it for leveling emotions and connecting with aspects of the feminine, including patience and acceptance. It also is a nurturing stone, so it promotes self-care as well as compassion for those around you.


This stone usually stays in its raw crystallized purple form. It is used on alters as an offering of tranquility and stability. You can learn about amethyst crystals and how to utilize their grounding effects to bring an overall sense of calmness and peace.


This bright red/orange stone is mainly found in India as well as Uruguay, Brazil, Egypt, and even Washington state. It is a crystal of passion that invokes creativity. Use it by gazing at it for a few minutes to gain motivation and manifestation abilities.

Choosing a Crystal

Picking from the long list of types of crystals seems to some people like an impossible feat. However, the crystal that is right for you will feel like a magnet. You will be drawn to it first, then you may read about its purpose to find that it is just what you need.

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