Stone for Healing: What Are the Different Types of Healing Stones?

Gemstones are used in jewelry for their aesthetic value but that wasn’t and still isn’t their primary purpose. Healing stones were a large part of ancient civilization, dating back to about 6,000 years ago, and used for their medicinal properties.

If you want to know more about a stone for healing purposes then you have to look beyond its beautiful appearance.

Start by reading this guide on various types of crystals and their benefits to your health.

What is a Stone for Healing?

If you are confused about what are healing stones then you are in luck because how they work is simple. It is all about energy. Everything on Earth has a magnetic field that affects those things around it. Crystals originate deep within the Earth’s surface and hold a lot of primal energy.

You can use this energy by placing these rocks near or on your body to absorb their positive healing energy. That is why they are used in many practices such as massage and meditation.

How to Use Healing Stones

Healing stones come in many varieties and they each possess a different quality. Therefore, you need to know which stones will help with your particular ailment.

Some healing stones benefits include:

  • Removing Blocked Energy
  • Allowing Forgiveness
  • Offering Protection
  • Increasing Vibrational Frequency
  • Attracting Abundance
  • Regulating Mood
  • Managing Pain

Stones can have multiple functions and may have fluctuating energy levels depending on how often they are used and what energy they come into contact with. Crystals may need to be cleared of their energy just like if your trash can is full and in order to accept more trash it needs to be emptied.

Different Types of Stones and Crystals

This healing stones guide includes the 3 most popular crystals, but remember that there are always new ones to try. Pick one that resonates with your soul to receive the most appropriate healing elements.


One of the best healing stones is Kunzite as it is known for promoting unconditional love. It, therefore, is used by expecting mothers to connect with their newborn babies and overcome the obstacles of becoming new parents.

Learn more on kunzite and its power to help you manage stress, gain self-confidence, and manifest your dreams.


This stone allows you to let go of emotional and physical pain. It is the crystal of freedom and building strength. Therefore, it also guides you in travel and offers protection.


This sparkling stone also is a protection crystal. It heals your solar plexus chakra and calms stomach issues that go hand-and-hand with this area. Use it to spread joy through vocalization and communication.

Choosing Your Stone for Healing

At first, it may be hard to decide which stone for healing will benefit you the most. However, the energy of the stones acts as an attraction device. Go to the stone that you are first drawn to then read about it. Most likely this stone will be a perfect fit for you.

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