What Are Aura Colors? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re one of the 83% of Americans who consider themselves slightly spiritual, you may feel more in tune with your intuition. However, you may struggle to dedicate attention to your spirituality, leading you to miss things.

For example, you may notice a slight glow or outline around someone’s body. This is known as an aura, which is an indication of the person’s personality, vibrations, and general characteristics. Being able to identify what the aura colors mean can help you become a better people person.

If you want to sharpen your skills and intuition, you’re in the right place. Continue reading to learn what an aura color technically is and what the different colors represent.

What an Aura Is

Generally, it’s thought to believe that the human body releases low levels of energy that result in an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. This energy is what people are reading when they say they can see auras and may even refer to it as a “vibe.”

The aura is usually a subtle, luminous glow that outlines the human body. In some cases, it can look like a wide, soft flow, while others see it as a thin line of color.

If you’re having a hard time seeing auras, there are ways you can practice reading. It’s believed that everyone is born with the ability to see auras, but that intuitiveness can fade over time. Practicing by looking at yourself in a mirror can help.


When it comes to understanding what each aura means, the colors are the indicator. Though the meaning of the colors can vary slightly depending on the shade, the colors all indicate the same essence.

The blue aura meaning is generally aligned with the throat chakra. This color corresponds to calmness, confidence, and spiritual development. Traditional characteristics of those with a blue aura are dependability, communication, and peacefulness.

Generally, many people with blue auras can thrive in high-stress jobs as they present a level-headed and balanced approach to conflict. This makes them the perfect candidate for security guards, counselors, and accountants.


Those who have a green aura are generally happy, outdoorsy individuals. They value nature and the world around them, which helps them live a peaceful and happy life. Green is commonly associated with the heart chakra, as many people who emanate this color are full of love and respect.

Traditional characteristics of those with a green aura include high levels of focus, generosity, and a career-driven attitude.

Also, green auras are representative of natural healers, so healthcare professionals, mothers, and teachers will often emit this color as they have the highest respect and tenderness for those in their care.


While red can get a bad reputation in many beliefs, when someone has a vibrant rouge aura, it’s a good sign!

Connected to the root chakra, this helps ground and connect the body to the world around it. This means those with a red aura are passionate, confident in their skills, and determined, as they feel secure in themself.

Red is also associated with love or passion, so many couples will adopt a red aura when they’re together, signifying their affection for one another. Similarly, those with a red aura are great at jobs that require confidence and leadership, such as actors, entrepreneurs, and management positions.


If you see a white glow around someone, your first instinct may be that they are a bit angelic, as angels are typically depicted in all-white outfits. This inclination would be correct!

This is one of the rarest auras, as it indicates a highly spiritual and altruistic person. Connected to the soul chakra, this person has likely reached complete tranquility, meaning there are very few with an all-white aura.

The characteristics of someone with a white aura include purity, serenity, and unbridled positivity. Because this aura is based on the innate desire to do good, those with white vibrations often work with animals and the ill.


When you first meet someone, you may be taken aback by the vibrant pink glow surrounding them. Though this is a traditionally feminine color, both men and women can emit a pink aura.

Traditionally, pink is associated with the heart chakra, as it’s released at the same vibration levels as a green aura color.

Generally, those with pink auras are more in tune with the fantastical ad creative side of life, with characteristics including charm, sentimentality, and loyalty.

Professions for those with pink auras include writers, dancers, and actors, as they can all use their creativity and whimsy to their advantage.


Much like the color red, black has received a negative connotation in recent years, often associated with death, disease, and grief. This may mean if someone has a black aura color, you may fear them or avoid their presence.

However, those with black auras are normal! In fact, they are often highly-intelligent individuals but can become aggressive and impatient.

Generally, people with black auras are most commonly employed in high-paced professions where assertiveness is necessary. This includes stock brokers, lawyers, and bankers.

Your Guide to Understanding Aura Colors

Whether you’re trying to gauge the energy of a potential partner or you want to know how your friends are feeling, understanding what aura colors mean is a surefire way to help you achieve a deeper connection with those around you.

If you’re ready to become more in tune with spirituality and auras, you’ll want to visit the rest of our website. There, you can find more lifestyle tips and tricks to help you achieve your dream life.

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