What Does Gold Filled Jewelry Mean?

Have you been dreaming of adding to your jewelry collection?

There’s really nothing that makes you feel more special or beautiful than wearing the perfect piece of jewelry with your favorite outfit. This is especially true of gold jewelry. The key is to understand how to identify quality pieces at the best prices.

Here we take a look at what every jewelry shopper needs to understand about gold filled jewelry. But what does gold filled jewelry mean? Keep reading to find all the information you’ll need to make smart purchasing decisions.

Types of Gold

What is gold filled jewelry?

Let’s start by discussing the fact that there is more than one type of gold jewelry. This is important to understand because each type of gold jewelry possesses a unique value.

The four types of gold jewelry include solid gold, gold filled, gold vermeil, and gold plated.

Solid gold means that the piece contains 100% 14k gold. Gold filled jewelry contains 12k or 14k gold over a brass base. Gold vermeil features 12k or 14k over a base metal or sterling silver. Gold plated means the piece is 12k or 14k over a metal base, but the gold layer is .5-.25 microns thick.

Why Choose Gold Filled Over Gold Plated?

When you look at the descriptions of gold filled and gold plated jewelry, they sound very similar. So, why should you consider buying one over the other?

First of all, these 2 types of gold jewelry aren’t similar in the least. In fact, there is a huge quality difference.

Gold filled jewelry, also known as “rolled gold” or “bonded gold” is created by bonding a layer of gold to a base metal, which is usually brass. The gold is bonded to the brass using heat and pressure to create a permanent bond.

Gold plated, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as durable. Because of this, the gold tends to flake off or fall off as the piece of jewelry ages.

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Why Choose Gold Filled Over Solid Gold?

Is there any reason to buy gold filled jewelry rather than solid gold jewelry? The short answer is “absolutely”.

This gold filled jewelry guide shows that there are differences between the different types of gold, but gold filled jewelry offers tremendous value. That’s because you can enjoy gold filled pieces at a much lower price than solid gold pieces.

A Buyer’s Guide to What Does Gold Filled Jewelry Mean

Everyone loves to buy beautiful accessories. But not all jewelry is created equal. Fortunately, this guide to understanding what does gold filled jewelry mean will help you look gorgeous without spending a fortune.

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