How to Improve Efficiency in Heavy Haulage Companies

Are you aware that only half of all small businesses are still around after 5 years? If you’re managing a fleet, that means you need to be looking for ways to increase efficiency. After all, a fleet that makes timely deliveries is one that will gain more contracts and clients.

Read on to learn how to improve efficiency in heavy haulage companies!

Plan Efficient Routes

When it comes to logistics management, route planning is critical. Routes that snake through congested areas or construction zones will slow down drive times. And they’ll use more fuel.

Revise routes and involve your drivers in the process. They’ll be able to provide feedback from the frontlines regarding anything from traffic to tolls.

You may need to expand your fleet to service some areas more than others. And you may need to be more selective about which vehicles go on particular routes. For instance, you won’t want an oversized truck that consumes more gas to be making smaller deliveries.

Help Your Drivers Improve

As a transport manager, you’ll want to be in constant communication with your drivers. In other words, when you send out your drivers, don’t lose sight of their performance. Driving style matters significantly when you’re evaluating fleet efficiency.

Use software and GPS tracking to keep tabs on their driving habits. When you see sudden braking or lots of idling, for instance, you’ll want to address these behaviors. Idling can eat up fuel and hard braking can wear down brake pads.

And, of course, you want your drivers to be safe on the roads. 4.4 million Americans sustain injuries on the road each year.

Offer rewards for good driving. Ask for regular input from your drivers to ensure that they’re not overworked. When your drivers are happier, they’ll be more inclined to drive responsibly.

Maintain Your Fleet

Maintenance needs to be a big part of fleet management. Program diagnostic alerts into your fleet to send alerts when repairs or routine maintenance jobs are necessary.

Skipping oil changes, fluid adjustments, and other typical maintenance needs sets you up for problems later. And if you need to remove a vehicle from active service, you’ll hurt your efficiency.

Take Care of Your Cargo

Finally, don’t overlook the security of your cargo. A haulage company needs to use GPS technology to protect its containers. Click for trailer tracking services that can help with your fleet management.

With trailer tracking, you’ll always know where your vehicles are. This can promote more timely deliveries and communication with recipients if you notice delays.

GPS also helps keep your cargo and carrier safe. If the wrong party takes your vehicle, you’ll be able to track down its location. And if a vehicle breaks down, you’ll be able to access it for repairs more quickly.

Make Heavy Haulage Companies More Efficient

When you’re running heavy haulage companies, every mile and decision matters. Track your cargo to avoid losses and stay on top of your drivers’ driving habits. Also, map out more efficient routes and track fleet maintenance.

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