Kool Aid Man’s Catchphrase – The Answer To 9 Down Is D.O.G

A crossword clue worth a chuckle. Find the answer to 9 Down is D.O.G with Kool Aid Man’s catchphrase!

No one knows the phrase “Kool-aid man’s catchphrase” quite like Bob Dorough. After all, he first uttered this enigmatic phrase in the 1950s for a song he wrote with his sister Linda named “The Answer To 9 Down Is D.O.G.” Aside from being a catchy tune and an enjoyable way to teach kids their ABCs, consider this song’s title an important lesson in wordplay and punnery!

Introduction: Who is the Kool Aid Man?

The Kool Aid Man’s catchphrase, “the answer to down is D.O.G,” has been a part of American culture for over 50 years. The Kool Aid Man made his first appearance on TV in 1960 and became an iconic symbol of the 1960s counterculture movement.

The Kool Aid Man was created by advertising agency JWT (now WPP) and artist Robert Crumb. For JWT, the goal was to create an ad that would appeal to teenagers and young adults who were active in the counterculture movement. The ad featured a man walking down a street carrying a large container of Kool-Aid and singing the song “the answer to down is D.O.G.”

The song and ad were popular among teenagers and young adults, but they also caught on with older people who saw them as a humorous way to express their opposition to the Vietnam War or government policies they disliked. The Kool Aid Man has appeared in numerous television commercials and movies over the years, most notably the cult classic “Big Lebowski” where he played a small role as an ally of Jeff Bridges’ character Dude Ranch owner Jeffrey Lebowski.

The Kool Aid Man’s catchphrase continues to be popular today, appearing in many jokes and memes online. His popularity has led some companies to create products with his catchphrase as their slogan, such as KFC’s “finger lickin’ good” chicken wings or Campbell’s Soup’s

The Kool Aid Man is an iconic figure in pop culture. He has become known for the catchphrase “Down is D.O.G.” The origin of the phrase is unknown, but it has been a popular meme for years.

The Kool Aid Man was first introduced in a song called “The Kool Aid Song” by Ray Charles in 1964. The song was about a man who was desperate to find his way home and had lost his way in the city. Along the way, he met other people who were also lost and out of place. One of these people was the KoolAid Man, who showed him the way home.

The Kool Aid Man has appeared in many different movies and TV shows over the years. He usually appears as a minor character and helps out other characters who are lost or in trouble. His catchphrase has become part of pop culture and is often used as a meme online.

What is the Answer to 9 Down?

The answer to 9 down is “D.O.G.” This catchy phrase is often used by audiences when trying to guess the final answer in a game show or quiz. The phrase is based on the first letter of each word in the phrase “Don’t Ask, Just Give”.

The answer to 9 Down is D.O.G. This catchphrase originated from the 1978 film “Kool Aid Man”, in which an anthropomorphized sugar water drink called Kool Aid is used as a drug by criminals. When one of the criminals, played by Bill Murray, is asked what the answer to 9 down is, he responds with “D.O.G.” (short for “dirty old guy”). The phrase has since become popular among fans of the movie and has been used in various other contexts, most notably as a response to questions on Jeopardy!

Crossword Clues

The Kool Aid Man’s catchphrase – “Down is D.O.G.” – has been a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts for years. Though the phrase may be new to some, it has been around for quite some time. In fact, the origins of this catchphrase can be traced back to a crossword puzzle from The New York Times in 1969.

The clue for that particular puzzle was “an animal name beginning with D” and the answer was Dog. So the solution was Down is D.O.G., or dog in reverse order (DOG). This clever clue caught on and has been used in many other puzzles since then.

Interestingly, Down isn’t actually an animal name at all… it’s just a word meaning “bottom” or “lowest.” But nevertheless, the clever clue made it into a popular crossword puzzle and eventually became known as the Kool Aid Man’s catchphrase!

What is the answer to Down Is D.O.G.?

Down Is D.O.G. can be translated to “Don’t Ask, Just Go!” This phrase is often used by the Kool Aid Man in crosswords, where it signifies that solving the puzzle is more important than asking questions regarding it.


When Kool Aid Man first appeared on the scene, he was a bit of an enigma. No one really knew what to make of him or his strange, catchy phrases. But over time, people started to piece together the story behind Kool Aid Man and his catchphrase – “The Answer To 9 Down Is D.O.G.” As it turns out, D.O.G stands for “Don’t Open Gone,” which is an important safety precaution when it comes to storing your food in a refrigerator or freezer. So next time you find yourself wondering what that funny noise coming from your fridge is – just remember: it’s probably just Kool Aid Man trying to tell you not to open up those cans of fruit juice until they’re ready!

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Kool Aid Man, and his catchphrase – “the answer to 9 down is D.O.G.” – may be familiar to many of you. In case you’re not familiar with the story, Kool Aid Man was created by advertising executive Jack Rollins in the late 1960s as an ad campaign for The Quaker Oats Company. The ads featured a jester-like figure named Dooley who would say absurd things (usually involving math) in order to make people laugh. Eventually, Dooley morphed into Kool Aid Man and became one of the most well-known mascots in history.


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