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Tips on How to Host a Virtual Career Fair

A virtual job fair takes place at a designated time and is similar to a webinar. The recruiters and the job seekers meet in a virtual space via chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts, and email to exchange information about job postings. Hosting and the preparation of a virtual career fair involve a lot of hard work. The online job fairs allow the organizations to run elaborate or simple recruiting events. This is made possible with the help of the virtual career fair software.

The online job fairs have branded e-environments with lobbies, video greetings from company executives, and rooms where candidates can chat with recruiters to learn more about the organization in real-time. The hosting of a virtual job fair has been an effective way to attract many potential job candidates all at once. In addition, the virtual job fair increases the ability to attract hard-to-find candidates. Here are some of the best tips to host a virtual job fair.

Choose A Virtual Career Fair Platform.

There are two general types of software that are used in the online job fair. They include the simple web page (which has a chat window where the attendees chat with the recruiters at an appointed time) and the elaborate design (mimics the physical career fair with branded exhibit halls and the booths and the resource centers).

 Organizations that are budget-conscious and only want the basics can choose the simple webpage. But companies that want to build their brand and have the wow factor must include more features. Features like the resource centers, educational webcasts, among others.

Develop a Budget for the Fair

The cost of hosting a virtual job fair will depend on the number of events that need to be hosted, the required features, and the scope of the event. The implementation of the virtual fair costs a fraction of a physical event. Once the budget is concluded, then the hiring company can start interviewing different software providers. This is to ensure that the company’s meets are met while working within the budget scope. 

Plan Out the Virtual Event with an Effective Strategy

Having the host of the virtual event will depend on the development of an effective system. A recruiting organization should find the best dates for the host of the career fair. 

A date that will have a great turnout (that is, give the team at least 2-3 months to plan). In addition, the schedule for content creation should be well prepared. The content creation may include the creation of video, text, or images that will be used in the fair. Goals and the scope should be set, which will attract companies and sponsors.

Customization of the Virtual Booth

The virtual booth allows individuals to get creative with the kind of information that they want to present to potential employees. Companies can customize their virtual booth from branding to content and creativity the same way they would have done for a traditional booth. Most if not all virtual event platforms have pre-built templates, meaning no design experience is required. Some of the things that organizations stock in their virtual booth include the list of current open positions, company locations maps, and current organization news and stock information. The downloadable company benefits and corporate videos can also be included in the booth.

For Partnerships and Set Expectations

As the job fair gets closer, the company should take time to reach out to event partners and sponsors to educate them on the expectations for the event. In addition, they should also be educated on the requirements for the event.

Develop and Implement a Marketing Plan

An organization can have the most interactive event on the planet, but that doesn’t guarantee potential candidates. That is why the most challenging part of hosting the virtual job fair is getting candidates to attend. Here is where the marketing of the event comes into play. Email, direct mail, advertising, public relations, and social media can make this possible.

The integration of marketing campaigns works best for career fair promotion. A full-time marketing person is not required for the marketing efforts. Launching the job fair can then take place. After the fair is done, the company should follow up with the recruited candidates. 

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