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How to Format Your Freelance Resume for Maximum Impact

Did you know that 58 million people did freelance work in 2021?

Freelance resumes show your experience and what you can do. When you’re trying to make a good first impression with a client, having an attractive resume can go a long way.

As with anything else, there are rules to formatting your freelance resume. Following those rules will make your job easier.

If you are wondering how to format your freelance resume for maximum impact, this short and simple guide is for you.

Use a Professional Font

The easiest way to make your resume stand out is to use a professional-looking font.

While it’s tempting to use a fancy font, like Comic Sans or Papyrus, these can make your resume seem unprofessional and childish.

Instead, look for fonts that are clean, easy to read, and easy on the eyes. Some good options include Helvetica, Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri.

Use Bullet Points Instead of Paragraphs

Bullet points allow you to highlight important information about your work experience. They also help break up the text so that it doesn’t look like an endless list of qualifications and responsibilities.

Keep them short, with only three bullet points per section. You can also format them so they’re easy to read.

Include Your Most Relevant Experience

Clients aren’t interested in reading about every single job you’ve ever held, just the ones that matter most. Focus on listing only the positions that relate directly to the job for which you’re applying.

Don’t list every task you performed. Instead, focus on the skills you developed and how they can help you in your new position.

If you want to know how to list your freelance work, you can learn how here.

Use a Clean Layout

The next thing you want to do when creating your resume is to choose an appropriate font and layout style.

Make sure it’s easy to read. This is so clients don’t have any difficulty figuring out what skills and experience you offer.

A resume is all about the information presented in a clear and concise format. This way, clients can skim it and decide whether to hire you.

Use Boldface and Italics Sparingly

You should only use boldface and italics sparingly. This is because they can make it hard to read and detract from the content of your resume.

If you use boldface and italics, try not to use them on more than one line. This will make it easier for clients to read your resume.

Be Consistent With Formatting

You should be consistent with formatting in your resume.

This includes the spacing between lines, as well as how you format headings. Your resume should also have a consistent font type and size throughout.

This will make it easier for clients to read your document.

Follow These Tips to Format Your Freelance Resume

Your freelance resume is one of the first opportunities you’ll get to make a good impression on a future employer. The more you can make it stand out, the better.

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