5 Different Types Of Cube Puzzles Help You In Brainstroming

The amazing invention of Erno Rubik in 1974, Rubik’s cube has been of magnificent significance in the great world of toys. With numerous advantages and upcoming variants, Rubik’s cube has made an exemplary and unique mark for itself withinside the lives of children as well as adults. 

This amazing twisty puzzle is not just a mindless play for a child, but way more than that. Primarily, invented for the purpose to not exactly utilize it for a child’s play, a Rubik’s cube has great significance today. 

As we are well aware that the invention of this amazingly invented and crafted object opened the door to a whole new world of educational toys. Today, the market is flooded with almost every kind of educational toy that one could have imagined. Where some toys guarantee academic success the other toys work towards the enhancement of a child’s ability to experiment with his/her own brain and mind, where there are some games that could help in improving a child’s linguistic skills, on the other hand there are also some toys that could build a child’s cognitive skills. 

With the success of Rubik’s cube, there came various variations of puzzles which are equally interesting and can do wonders with brainstorming.


An interesting and unique variation of a Rubik’s Cube, a gear cube has a completely different physical appearance and solution. Invented by Oskar Van Deventer in 2009, a gear cube has been a prominent part of the cube family since its invention. Interestingly. a gear cube was initially referred to as a caution cube majorly because of the gears present on the surface of the cube which at times causes a problem for the speedcubers as their fingers getting stuck in those gears, but later on, with its mass supply rate in the market, its name was finally changed to what we know today as a gear cube. 

To give you an advanced and a much needed pro tip about gear cubes, the two major goals that are to be kept in mind while solving a gear cube. First, the main purpose  of the cube is to bring the cube back to its original shape, and, the second goal is to bring the orientation of the colours into a symmetrical and aligned order. 


Hands down A skewb cube is definitely one of the most testing and hard cubes present in the market today, more testing than a Rubik’s cube, majorly because of the distinct purpose and the varied and unique orientation of its corners. The corners of a skewb cube rotate, yes you heard it right. Unlike a Rubik’s cube, where the corners are rigid, in a skewb cube the corners rotate  thus making the skewb cube more different and difficult. Moreover, the orientation and the alignment  of the different pieces of the cube is placed in a diagonal manner, making their rotation occur in a diagonal format too. Thus making the cube more challenging than its previous counterparts. 


A significantly levelled-up version of a Rubik’s cube, a ghost cube in its scrambled state could become into any shape as you mould, but once it reaches its solution it takes the form of a perfect cube. In order to understand it better, the colours in the ghost cube are basically the same, i.e. there is no particular difference in the colours of the ghost cube, the difference lies in its shape inside the surface and that is what needs to be solved. The main idea behind solving the ghost cube is to solve the twisty cube in a way that it returns back to its original shape (as a whole) which is a the shape of a cube.


Have you ever fantasized owning a cube that is used in science fiction and action movies, well, the mirror cube is a perfect resemblance in fact a doppelganger of those cubes. Singular in its colour, a mirror cube is a 3*3 cube that is quite and magnificently different from a traditional Rubik’s cube in every aspect, ranging from its solution to its physical and internal characteristics. Moreover, it is said to be comparatively more difficult to solve than a Rubik’s cube. Interestingly, there are said to be several world records out there in the name of mirror cube. So, this cube is definitely worth a try, right?


Invented by Erno Rubik’s, a snake puzzle is without any doubt one of the easiest and the most interesting forms of Rubik’s cube. It could be transformed or converted into any shape upon its solution or even during its scrambling part. Available in different varieties, the Rubik’s snake is comprised of twenty-four parts, where each part needs to be stacked upon the other by following a prescribed algorithm, in order to reach its solution. Moreover, A snake rubik’s puzzle is available in a variety of colours to suit a person’s preference.

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