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A major role of technology in our lives

Over the years, technology has played a major role in revolutionizing the world as well as our daily lives. Additionally, there has been the creation of technology for seniors that include amazing tools and several resources that put useful information at your fingertips. 

Modern technology has paved its way into so many devices like smartphones and smartwatches. There are computers in the market that have become faster, portable, and have higher power than the ones that were before. With the increase in technology, our lives have become easier, better, faster and more fun! 

In this article, we will tell you about how technology has taken over our lives and plays such an important role in everyday tasks. The advancement in technology has given us quicker ways to send messages or communicate through different messaging apps or talk to our loved ones. 

Technology has also given brand new devices like smartwatches, voice assistants, tablets, and so much more. Mentioned here are some of the devices and applications that have seen a great change and advancement due to the increase in technology. 

Change in television sets 

Television sets have been changing from time to time. Similarly, in recent years, TVs have been made according to the convenience of the people. Those who are struggling with hearing loss problems can also listen and understand the things playing on TV through several TV listening devices that allow them to listen with ease. 

Advancement in payment methods 

The development in technology now has a big change in the way we make payments. For a very long time, everyone was used to giving money notes while making their payments. But now everything has turned digital and even the payment methods have come into our phones. There are apps like Gpay, Paytm, PhonePay, and so many others apps that help the users to pay the amount through their phone directly from their bank account to the recipient’s account. This is the technology that makes it easier to not carry cash everywhere and make payments convenient. 

Now, you do not have to enter a bank to withdraw your money or get it transferred to someone else. Paying bills has now become easier and all thanks to the evolving technology! 

Change in the source of entertainment 

The influence of the advancing technology on the source of entertainment is very apparent since entertainment is not only watching movies anymore, it is much more. It is about watching different shows, originals, and TV series. Therefore, you can watch all these movies, shows, and series on different apps like Netflix, Amazon, Zee5, and so many other apps! 

Similarly, readers have come to devices that have made their reading easier. Most definitely paper books are the most authentic way of reading a book, but several readers prefer to read it online on devices like Kindle by Amazon to read books that do not take up a lot of space. Online reading is a great way to have multiple options ready while going out on a trip. 

You can buy several online devices that offer good books and reading through any e-commerce website like Flipkart and use Flipkart coupon codes and get good discounts on your purchase online. 

Change in the way of communication 

So, how has communication changed because of technology? The change and growth in technology have made the process of communication unbelievably convenient and fast. It is incredible to take a look back and see how communication has changed over the years. Writing letters, sending faxes, and later telephones – these were the only ways to communicate with someone. But in today’s age, connecting with someone around or far away has become much easier as we have so many options. You can send messages via social media, video chat with a friend, send emails, and calling is just a few clicks away! 

You can find excellent smartphones that will help in making your communication easier with its extravagant features on TataCliq and use the TataCliq coupon codes available on to get amazing discounts on your purchase! 

Bringing the ‘Internet of Things in our daily lives 

All the technology that is mentioned above has taken a major place in our daily lives all because of the Internet. Revolutionization will continue happening with new websites, applications, and platforms and will keep on changing the kind of life we live. Similarly, the way technology has taken over the things in our homes is spectacular. The Internet of Things has made the sync between the everyday objects that we use with our wifi and has made it easier for us to use these things with just our voice commands. All of this has made our homes fully automated and has converted the daily difficult tasks into easy ones. 


There is no denying that the advancement in technology will continue in revolutionizing the lives of people. By this time the world has seen driverless cars and robots doing the works of humans. The future of technology will surely transform the lives of people in excellent ways and would change our lives completely! 

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