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Social Media: A Platform Making Our Lives Better

Who ever thought that there will be a time when people living thousands of kilometers would be able to talk to their relatives and see their faces in a matter of seconds? Well, all these things are possible now and it because of innovation in technology. Technology has already created such a huge impact in our lives that it has now become impossible to live without it even for a few minutes.

Technology has already given so many amazing tools and technologies. One of the wonders of technology is social media applications. If you have an account on social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, etc., all these applications are designed in a way that people from all around the world feel connectedwith each other.

As the title of the article says, Social Media applications offer a platform that has been making our lives better in many ways. One of the areas that make these applications worth spending hours is their amazing user interface. All these applications have an easy to use interface that allows user to perform different sets of activities all at once. Using these applications not just allow users to keep themselves entertained but also help them in various areas that will be discussed later in this article.

Social Media Applications Are Stress Buster

As you might have heard, many medical experts continuously claim the fact that mental health is more important than physical health. This is the reason why people are continuously focusing more improving their mental health. Strong mental health automatically leads to physical health. Social media applications help people all around the world keeping them mentally strong.

Talking particularly about Indian Social Media, it focused more on bringing people together. In India, we have a diverse culture wherepeople living in different corners speak different languages and perform different rituals that have become integral part of their lives. Earlier, it was considered almost close to impossible that people from such diverse mindsets would be able to communicate with each other in a healthy environment.

However, with the advent of these social media applications, it has become possible. People from different are not just able to communicate with each other, but they also share their personal life with others that depicts their living style, culture, and the way they perform daily activities. For most of the social media users, all these things are entertaining while for others these things are stress busters.

Funny videos, motivational speeches, etc., are all such part of content that make people happy and relaxed thereby giving them enough strength to have a strong mental health. Though there are certain elements available on social media platforms that might affect your mental health negatively, these contents are easy to ignore and thus do not contribute much in these platforms.

Social Media: A Platform Allowing People To Earn Bread and Butter

You would come across so many people in the society that have all the required talent for a job but are left unemployed because of unavailability of a valid platform. However, with these amazing social networking sites, it has now become very easy for everyone with certain skill set to earn bread and butter using these applications or social networking sites.

There are many companies that promote their goods and services using these platforms. These companies place their advertisements usually on videos that have more number of views or likes. Image you have an account on any social media application where you regularly share content on any topic. If your content is able to attract social media users in large number, you will definitely be approached by a company for advertisement.

Companies are willing to pay heavy amount of money to place their advertisements of videos that have good number of views. From that, you can easily earn a decent amount of money that might also act like your passive income, if done as part time. This is how many people from all around the world are actively using these applications and sharing content to grow in their life.

As we move further, social media is not just about sharing content. People who are good learners and love teaching others can also earn a good amount of money by sharing their education. This is the reason you will see many such users who are teachers or influencers and help people, mostly students, with solutions to their problems. Though there are many such people who provide these services for free, many do charge for them as it is the only source of their income.

They Keep People Connected

As mentioned above social media applications have been helping people communicate with their friends and family living abroad. Using these applications, it not just becomes easy for the users to call their near and dear ones but also allow them to watch their lovely faces. Especially during this Covid 19 pandemic, these applications helped millions of such users by allowing them to keep in touch with their relatives.

Nowadays, things are not as they used to be. Earlier, people had much less work load and more time to live their life, these days people are busy in their professional lives. But with these social networking sites, even the busiest person on this planet can entertain himself by watching entertaining or relaxing stuff while doing his work.

It does become sometimes terrible when we speak of social media applications. There are certain fringe elements on these platforms that humiliate or bully people using these digital platforms. It completely depends on our mentality as to what we want to do with these people. Social Media gives us complete freedom to listen what we want to, to watch we want to, and to share what we want to.

Thus when it comes to speaking of bad content on these applications, we have the complete authority to ignore such content and focus on things that good for our health, both physical and mental.

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