What to look for when buying a couch

A sofa set is an essential part of the living room. Most people spend a significant amount of time in living rooms when they are at home and that time is also spent sitting on the couch. For your own and your family’s comfort, you need to make sure that the sofa set in the living room is of good quality. A good sofa set will ensure that you will not have back problems due to sitting at awkward angles. So the next time you go to online furniture stores or a furniture store to look for a couch, you should consider the following;

Frame Material

For a sofa to maintain its overall shape and integrity, it will need a well-made frame since it is the component that keeps every part of the sofa together. It is important that the frame is strong and robust in order to withstand everyday use without compromising on comfort. Current designs are being built with metal or manmade wood for frames but the traditional manufacturers use authentic hardwood timber. Metal frames are strong but are vulnerable to oxidation during seasonal changes with humidity. Manmade wood on the other hand lacks the strength of hardwood and metal.

Frame Joints

Strong frame material is only as good as the frame joints. Frame joints connect every part of the sofa. The right type of joints can further ensure the strength and durability of the sofa’s frame. Some sofas are connected using metal staples but the sofas have less strength and durability than the sofas that have been connected with wooden dowels and specialist wood glue.

The legs

Most sofa legs are made of wood which will offer you an opportunity to look at the manufacturer’s eye grain and finish consistency. Make sure that the legs are of uniform height to provide the seat with balance. Also, make sure that the legs are securely fastened by giving them a wiggle, a pull, and a twist to make sure that none of them are loose. Avoid sofas with legs that have been attached to the frame using screws because they are prone to loosening over time under the duress of moving weight. You should look for sofas that have their legs fastened using thick threaded hanger bolts that are secured by T-Nuts which are easily adjustable and replaceable. If your house’s floors are covered with oak you should avoid sofas that are outfitted with metallic legs because they can ruin your floor.

The suspension

The suspensions determine the comfort of the sofa. The springs that stretch across the sofa act as the sofa’s ligaments and tendons that withstand structural stress and stop the cushions from flattening. Make sure that the springs are in good condition by listening for squeaks and creaks when you sit on them and shifting your weight on the edges and corners of the sofa. If it makes an audible sound it may mean that the springs are loose or have not been installed properly.


A good sofa should have all its frames and corners well padded. You can move your hand across all corners to make sure that you do not feel the frames through the upholstery. If you can feel the frames that means that the paddings can wear out quickly and your sofa will be uncomfortable to sit on.


The cushions give your sofa volume and form, as well as give you the support that you need to relax. The cushion’s fillings will depend on the feel and design of the sofa. The most common fillings are feather, foam, and polyester fiber. Each one of them has its own properties and quality. A good cushion should be resilient and firm. It should be able to regain its shape after you press it down and release it. If the cushion stays down after you press, it means that it will flatten quickly when you use it.


As you can see checking for good features in a sofa set is quite easy and fast. You can have your own preference but these are features that cut across the board. If you order online make sure to check these features when they get delivered.

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