7 great digital signage ideas for any classroom

As they say, “seeing is believing”. And although we’ve been seeing awesome high-tech transformations in the education industry over the last few years and can even clearly divide the timeline into “before digital signage” and “after”, it is still hard to grasp that our schools have finally decided to give in and join the rest of the world in the new tech revolution. Thanks to DS our educational institutions have finally mastered the art of using high-tech innovations to get students’ attention and help them build a love for learning. Plenty of schools have already embraced DS, but one room has definitely stepped way into the future with DS: it is time for us to talk about the DS classroom. If you don’t have time to read this entire article (which would be a shame!), at least remember this: always start with great digital signage! By bringing digital signage into your classroom you will be able to change everything, so make sure your DS soft will help you do just that. If you want to read more about the effects of digital signage on the education industry check out digital signage soft for schools, universities, and campuses at 

 One. The Interactive Whiteboards

Not so long ago students had to spend their days staring at teachers backs while they were writing on boards. So, honestly, I cannot even comprehend the attention boost, interest, and engagement after swapping chuck or marker stained board for interactive digital signage display. Good digital signage is cloud-based which gives teachers the freedom to pull up any information within seconds. No more spending precious time, literally hours writing down highlights of the lectures, drawing charts, long formulas, tests questions, etc. Teachers can stream videos, display any class-related info from any website, have easy access to any global educational source. Additionally, with the digitalization of the whiteboards, we’ve seen unprecedented betterment of teacher-student communication. Now teachers are always facing the students, talking to them, making them a big part of the lesson. Moreover, note taking is another time-consuming and daunting task that can be eliminated with DS:  interactive whiteboards have high-quality sound, quality microphones and can be connected to cameras so the lectures can be recorded in good quality and uploaded online for students to assess at any time.

 Two. Augmented reality

AR is the best the way there is to engage students of all ages, get them excited about learning and give them the ability to visualize, experience, understand and remember the material. AR can easily and in a fun way deliver the most complex concepts to the students. Augmented reality will eliminate the need for schools to budget for printed materials, any class-related posters or models, schools won’t have to pick just one field trip a year, they can go anywhere having never left the classroom. As an example, one of the most traumatic biology lessons with dissection of the frog would be a breeze with augmented reality. You won’t have to invest in any additional equipment and among the perks you’ll see better engagement, better attendance, greater student involvement, and much better test results. 

Three. Bringing attention to the world news and important events

Global awareness, being in-the-loop and clearly understanding America’s place on the world stage, knowledge of big events and news in other countries and cultures are all very beneficial to the students. With good DS soft schools can pull up news headlines and highlights to keep students up to date with news and world events. Before the class, during a recess or whenever there’s a free time classroom screen should be displaying world news.

 Four. Students information hub.

Usually, information that is of importance to students should be displayed on the screens strategically placed throughout the school, campus, and cafeteria, and not in the classrooms. Though if the information is of high importance and should reach every single student, teacher and staff schools should set up classrooms announcements and warnings system with memorable and attention-grabbing DS templates. First of all, this should be applied to any information related to student and campus safety, when immediate action should be taken instructions should appear on every classroom screen. Schools can display evacuation plans and clear instructions in real time. Secondly, less immediate instances where classroom signage should be used are reminders of important dates, events, exams, tests, etc.

 Five. Schools or Universities website

The good old days of laughable and out of date schools or universities websites are a thing of the past. They’ve really stepped things up; today’s educational sites are user-friendly, with all of the needed information for current and prospective students, alumni, professors and all of the staff on hand. Websites are beautiful, helpful, and intuitive and digital signage display in the classroom is a perfect way of showcasing the site to the students. Teachers can take just a minute out of time to explain the layout of the site and bring students attention to it.  

 Six. Increasing student motivation and boosting school spirit

Displaying and sharing students work, showcasing fun presentation or videos of student art, scientific or athletic achievements, proudly announcing their wins are all morale-boosting activities highly beneficial for any schools environment. You can promote students volunteer meetings, academic study or drama clubs, quires or sororities thus boosting the interest of other students otherwise unengaged in schools life. There is a sea of opportunities to help your students excel and highlighting their educational journey on the classroom screen is a great start.

 Seven. Gamify the learning process

This approach to the learning process has the power to turn any classroom into a student’s favorite room and motivate students to learn. Gamification in education effectively optimizes the brain’s power of processing of new information making it easy to learn and understand even the most complicated material. Teachers report a much greater classroom engagement and the student being more attentive. In fact, 70% of teachers have stated an increase in student engagement once they started using DS educational video games. Digital signage gamification is the perfect way to engage students in a fun way and boost learning as a result.

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