How Much Money Kallmekris Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

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How Much Money Kallmekris Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

Kallmekris is a popular YouTuber who has amassed over 1 million subscribers and 150 million video views. According to Social Blade, his annual income from YouTube is between $50,000 and $70,000. This makes him one of the most successful YouTubers on the platform. In this article, we’ll explore how much money Kallmekris actually makes from his channel.

Kallmekris is a YouTuber who has amassed a following of over 1.5 million subscribers and 5.2 million total video views. Kallmekris’ channel primarily consists of gaming content, including gameplays, walkthroughs, and Let’s Play videos. According to Kallmekris’ YouTube channel page, his annual income from YouTube is $182,000.

In this article, we’ll explore Kallmeksis’ YouTube earnings and see how much money he makes on a yearly basis. We’ll also take a look at his net worth as of 2018 and discuss whether or not his income is sustainable.

Kallmekris Bio

Kallmekris is a YouTube personality who has over 2 million subscribers and earns an estimated $500,000 annually from her channel. She first rose to prominence for her comedy sketches, which often involve exaggerated versions of Swedish culture. Her most popular series is “Kallmekris‘ Guide to Life,” in which she offers advice on topics such as finances, relationships, and self-improvement.

Kallmekris is a YouTube personality who has more than 2 million subscribers and 470 million views. Her channel primarily focuses on makeup tutorials, but she also posts vlogs about life in general. Forbes estimated her 2018 net worth at $5 million. According to an estimate by the website TheRichest, her 2019 net worth is expected to be $7 million.

Kallmekris is a popular YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers and over 500 million video views. She makes a living from her YouTube channel, which has helped her net worth grow to over $3 million. Kallmekris’s biggest earners come from advertising revenue and merch sales, but she also receives a commission for every sale made through her website.

Kallmekris is a YouTube star that has over 1 million subscribers and earns an estimated $500 per day from advertising on her videos. Her channel covers a variety of topics, including makeup tutorials, fashion advice, and video diaries. Kallmekris’ net worth is difficult to estimate due to the low pay she receives for her videos and the fact that she does not release any financial information about herself. However, according to Social Blade, Kallmekris’ yearly income could range from $100,000 to $1 million.

How much money has Kallmekris made on YouTube?

Kallmekris has amassed a net worth of over $1 million as a result of his successful YouTube channel. His main source of income is from advertising revenue, which averages out to around $2,000 per day. He also receives donations and subscriptions, but the majority of his income comes from video views.

Since launching his channel in May of 2013, Kallmekris has uploaded over 350 videos totaling more than 2 million views. His most popular video is “How To Make Money On YouTube – Step-by-Step” (with over 1.5 million views), which provides a detailed guide on how to make money from YouTube.

According to Kallmekris, one of the best ways to monetize your channel is to sell merchandise such as T-shirts and hats. Additionally, he recommends signing up for paid channels such as Bright TV or Maker Studios and creating custom videos for those platforms.

Kallmekris has made a total of $1,244,000 from YouTube videos since 2009. This amount includes ad revenue, subscription income, and other types of income. In terms of ad revenue, Kallmekris ranks first on the list with an estimated $816,000 in earnings. Overall, he earns more from ad revenue than any other source.

Subscription income is second on the list at $559,000. This amount is likely due to Kallmekris’s successful channel advice series which has amassed over 2 million subscribers. Other sources of income for Kallmekris include merchandise sales (3rd at $217,000) and speaking engagements (4th at $164,000).

Overall, Kallmekris’s YouTube earnings have allowed him to accumulate a net worth of over $2 million. His success on the platform has also helped him achieve significant fame and recognition outside of the video realm.

Kallmekris has made a considerable amount of money on YouTube. In 2017, she was estimated to have earned over $1 million from her channel. She has continued to grow her following and earn money since then. Her latest earnings were announced in early 2019, and she is now said to be worth an estimate of $2 million. This makes her one of the most successful YouTubers in terms of income.


Kallmekris is a YouTuber who has been making videos on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics for over two years now. In that time, she’s amassed over 1.5 million subscribers and nearly 350 million video views – which means her channel is generating a pretty penny! Based on her recent YouTube earnings report, Kallmekris earned an estimated $112,000 in the past month alone thanks to ad revenue and subscriptions from her viewers. So if you’re looking for some fashion tips or tricks to improve your own style, be sure to check out Kallmekris’ channel!

Kallmekris is a popular YouTuber who makes money from his videos. According to the source that we used for this article, Kallmekris has accrued over 1 million YouTube subscribers and earns an estimated $60,000 per year from his channel. Additionally, he has been featured in several major publications, including Forbes and The Huffington Post. All in all, Kallmekris appears to be doing very well for himself on YouTube – so much so that he was recently able to purchase a house!


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