Retail Merchandising Tips That Work

Did you know that good customer experience can increase a company’s revenue by 10 to 15 percent?

With such a huge jump on the line, working to improve your CX is a must, and solid merchandising can help you do exactly that.

How can you be sure you’re using the right layout, though? How do you even know what layout options are available to you? Is there a certain order you should follow when getting things set up?

Luckily, we’re here to help you answer all those questions and more. Read on to learn a few of the best merchandising tips for your store.

Choose the Right Floor Plan

It might not seem like it, but your store’s layout can have a large impact on your customer’s shopping experience. That’s why national brands will have similar layouts throughout each of their stores.

There’s no right or wrong, but it is essential to research before you choose. Whether it’s a grid, loop, or free-flow floor plan, make sure it works for your store before anything else.

Consider Flow

When you’re considering your store layout, think about how you’d like shoppers to work their way through your store.

This means thinking about the order that customers might like to shop in, along with how they navigate everyday life. For example, if you’re in a country with right-hand driving, customers typically prefer to move around the store in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Create a Transition Area

The first five to fifteen feet of your store’s space should be used as a transition area. Typically, this means clean and free of clutter. It’s meant to help your customers transition from the outside world into your store, and it has the ability to make or break someone’s entire experience.

That’s why getting creative is encouraged. If you’d like, you can even create an entryway with things like coat hangers or a nice hat rack to help customers feel like they’re stepping into a home whenever they enter your store.

Allow Plenty of Space

Finally, remember that the pandemic had an effect on how shoppers choose to walk around stores. Social distancing has become somewhat normal nowadays, and it’s important to allow customers enough space to do exactly that.

That means enough room to separate, but keeping extra space so nobody feels stuck in one spot. If your customers can’t move freely, they aren’t as likely to enjoy their shopping experience.

Ready to Follow These Merchandising Tips?

When you’re setting up your store, it’s important to get inside the mind of your customers. That’s where following these merchandising tips will come in handy. Some marketing tactics never go out of style, and using these tried and true methods is a great way to help your store gain the growth it needs to thrive.

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