Fixing Cracked Phone Screens: How to Repair a Cracked Phone Screen

Are you looking for a quick fix for your cracked iPhone or Android screen?

Having a broken smartphone screen is no fun. It can make navigating your phone difficult and could lead to further damage if not fixed.

Fortunately, fixing cracked phone screens isn’t as difficult as you might expect, especially if you’re willing to get creative.

For some phone screen repair tips you can try today, keep reading.

Seal Cracks With Super Glue

You probably didn’t know you could repair a phone screen with super glue, but it really is possible.

Cyanoacrylate glue, better known as super glue, is effective for sealing small cracks in clear surfaces. Just squeeze a tiny amount onto the crack where it’s needed and gently wipe away the excess adhesive using a cotton swab or cloth.

If you’re going to try this method, it’s important to use as little glue as possible. Too much could make a serious mess that’s impossible to clean up. Also, remember to act fast because super glue dries quickly.

Reinforce the Screen With Packing Tape

Phone screen repair can be as simple as applying clear packing tape.

Using a small razor blade or X-Acto knife, cut a small piece of transparent packing tape to fit across the crack. You’ll want to cut the tape with careful precision, and avoid getting fingerprints or dirt on the sticky side of the tape.

Using packing tape to fix your phone screen is far from a perfect solution, but it works well in a pinch.

Replace the Screen

If your phone’s screen is badly damaged, you’ll likely want to replace it altogether. You can do that yourself if you’re willing to put in the work, and it usually doesn’t cost that much.

If the touchscreen still functions, you can replace the glass for anywhere from $10 to $50.

The steps and tools you’ll need will vary depending on the type of phone you have. Look for phone screen repair guides online to find out how to fix yours.

Ask Your Manufacturer or Carrier to Repair It

If your phone is still under warranty, you should resist the urge to try fixing it yourself, as you might void your warranty by mistake. Instead, it’s best to ask your phone’s manufacturer or mobile carrier for help.

The downside to this option is that it can cost you a considerable amount of money, especially if your phone is no longer under warranty.

Take Your Phone to a Repair Shop

There’s no need to rely on expensive manufacturer repairs or complicated DIY kits. For a modest fee, you can get smartphone repair for almost any device from a third-party repair shop.

Taking your phone to a repair shop is the best option if your phone is no longer under warranty and you aren’t comfortable fixing it yourself.

Fixing Cracked Phone Screens: The Bottom Line

As you can see, fixing cracked phone screens doesn’t have to be so difficult. From DIY repairs with super glue or packing tape to seeking professional help, you have a lot of options when it comes to repairing a phone screen, too.

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