Valley News Live Gets More Hits And Lisa Budeau Leaves

Valley News Live is changing, according to the article. Lisa Budeau is no longer a reporter at Valley News Live after reaching a point where she felt she could not have the same views on certain news stories that her editor did.

Lisa Budeau Leaves Valley News Live

Lisa Budeau, who has been with Valley News Live for the past two years, is leaving the station. Budeau said she’s moving to a new job in another town. “I’m so grateful for all that Valley News Live has done for me,” Budeau said. “From my first day on the job, they’ve been nothing but supportive and kind. I’m really excited about my next chapter.”

Valley News Live Gets More Hits And Lisa Budeau Leaves

Valley News Live announced on Monday that Lisa Budeau has resigned from her position as anchor and managing editor. The decision comes after several months of speculation within the station about her future. In a statement released by the station, Budeau cited “personal reasons” for her departure but did not provide further details.

Since taking over as anchor of Valley News Live in early 2013, Budeau has been credited with helping to reinvigorate the station’s ratings and profile. Under her leadership, VNL rose from a minor player in the market to one of the most-watched news stations in the area.

While it is unclear what direction Valley News Live will take without Budeau at the helm, many believe she will be missed by both staff and viewers. Her departure leaves a significant hole in the station’s coverage and marks another disappointing chapter for a once-promising outlet.

Why are More People Watching VNL?

Valley News Live (VNL) is a new local news channel that is quickly gaining popularity with viewers. Lisa Budeau, the station’s founder and CEO, has been credited with creating a unique and enjoyable news experience for viewers.

The channel’s main focus is local news coverage from the Valley area, but VNL also produces original programming including weekly newscasts, in-depth investigative reports, and feature stories.

One of the most popular aspects of VNL is its team of reporters who are passionate about their work. They take pride in providing quality journalism that reflects the community they serve.

VNL has also been able to attract top-notch talent to work on its broadcasts. This includes longtime journalists like Lisa Budeau, as well as new media stars like Anthony Puccio, who created and hosts the popular YouTube channel AnthonyPuccioTV.

All of these factors have helped VNL become one of the most watched local news channels in the Valley.

Valley News Live is a news station based in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is the flagship property of the Valley News Network, which was founded by Lisa Budeau in 2002. The station has been awarded several regional and national awards for its journalism. In 2017, Valley News Live became the first television news station in New England to go live on Facebook. According to their website, VNL “strives to be a comprehensive source of local news and information with an emphasis on coverage of issues that matter to our community.”

The station’s viewership has increased by 20% since 2016. This can likely be attributed to two factors:

1) Lisa Budeau’s commitment to providing viewers with high-quality journalism.
2) The network’s focus on local stories and topics that are relevant to its audience.

What have other local news stations changed to try and compete with VNL?

Since its inception, Valley News Live has been a dominant force in the local news landscape. But with competition from other stations, VNL is trying to stay ahead of the curve.

In early February, VNL switched from an all-video format to a hybrid of video and live streaming. This change was made in an effort to increase viewership by appealing to viewers who are used to watching local news on smartphones or other devices.

Another change made by VNL was the hiring of Lisa Budeau as their new executive producer. Budeau is a veteran journalist who has worked at several major media outlets, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. She is known for her hard-hitting reporting and her ability to connect with viewers.

These changes seem to be paying off; since the switch to hybrid streaming, viewership has increased by 30 percent. And while Lisa Budeau’s arrival may have been controversial at first, she seems to be winning over fans thanks to her aggressive reporting style.

Since its creation in 2013, Valley News Live has been a major player in the local news market. In fact, it’s become so popular that other local stations have started to copy its format and style in an effort to compete.

One of those stations is KRQE, which changed its format last year from a traditional news station to a more entertainment-focused one. Valley News Live also changed its format last year in order to appeal to a wider audience.

In addition, Lisa Budeau announced earlier this year that she was leaving Valley News Live to start her own news network. While her departure won’t have much of an impact on the ratings, it will be interesting to see how VNL fares without one of its biggest personalities.

How Can We Improve VNL?

Valley News Live is a new online news channel that is quickly gaining popularity. The channel’s goal is to provide up-to-date news coverage for the Valley region, and they are doing a great job so far.

One of the ways Valley News Live can improve their coverage is by hiring more journalists. Currently, there are only two journalists working on the channel, and they are not able to cover all of the stories that need to be covered. Additionally, Valley News Live should consider expanding their reporting area in order to cover more stories.

Another way Valley News Live can improve their coverage is by creating more engaging content. Right now, their content is mostly text-based, which isn’t very engaging for viewers. They could also experiment with different formats (e.g., video, infographics) in order to keep viewers interested.

Overall, Valley News Live is doing a great job covering the latest news in the Valley region. However, there are some areas where they can improve their coverage in order to reach even more people.

Valley News Live is a local news program that airs on channel 6 in the valley. The show has been around for over 20 years and has had its share of problems. Lisa Budeau, the show’s anchorwoman, announced last month that she is leaving to join another station.

The Valley News Live staff has been looking for a new anchorwoman since Budeau’s announcement. They have been interviewing candidates but have not found someone yet. There are a few possible reasons why they haven’t found a replacement yet.

One reason could be that the staff isn’t sure what they want in an anchorwoman. They want someone who is able to entertain viewers with their reporting and interviewing skills, but also have credibility and authority when it comes to covering local news stories. Another possible reason is that the station hasn’t been able to find someone who is available and wants the job.

Whatever the reason may be, Valley News Live needs to find a new anchorwoman soon or else viewership will decrease even more and Budeau’s departure may become permanent.


Valley News Live, a local TV news channel in the Hudson Valley, has seen increased viewership and engagement thanks to their new online presence. Lisa Budeau, former host of Valley News Live’s weekday morning show, announced earlier this month that she is departing the station to pursue other opportunities. While it is unfortunate to see someone leave a successful position, Budeau’s decision could be seen as a positive sign for VNL’s future.

Valley News Live has seen a surge in viewership and Lisa Budeau is the main reason why. The morning show host has been praised by viewers for her straightforward reporting, and she’s also been slammed for being too critical of politicians. Regardless of where you stand on Budeau, it’s clear that she is having an impact on TV ratings in the Tri-City area.


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