A Complete Guide to Placing Scout Patches

Did you know that as of 2020 there were more than 1.1 million boy scouts and girl scouts in the United States of America? Taking part in the scouting community is a great way to allow your children to grow closer to nature while learning some skills that will benefit them through their life journey.

One of the keys to a positive scouting experience is earning the coveted scout patches. Knowing how and where to display them on the scout uniform is vital, especially as your kids start collecting patches at a rapid rate. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to help you with the many scout patch options.

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Left Sleeve Scout Patches

Arguably the most important patch that you’ll want to place on your scout’s uniform is the council patch. This patch always goes on the upper portion of the left sleeve. The council patch represents which “pack”, or council, your scout belongs to.

Beneath that patch is a space for the Veteran Unit Emblem. This patch displays how long the council has been chartered by the Boy Scouts of America program. If your council has been chartered for 73 years then the Veteran Unit Emblem will proudly display the number 73 beneath the council patch.

The next patch that gets displayed on the left sleeve of the scout uniform is the pack number. The pack number identifies which pack of scouts you belong to.

Right Sleeve Scout Patches

The most prominent patch that goes on the right sleeve of the scout uniform is the flag of the United States of America. If you purchase a new uniform for your child when they join the scouts then odds are that the American flag will already be sewn onto the sleeve in the proper position.

If your uniform did not come with an American flag on the sleeve then you can always get one from your council to proudly display on the right shoulder. The next patch that gets displayed on the right shoulder is the den number that your scout belongs to. The good news is that you shouldn’t need to replace the den number as your child gets older and moves through the scouting ranks.

Below the den number patch should be another patch that represents where your den is on the Journey to Excellence. This patch is intended to inspire excellence for your children as they continue on their journey in the Boy Scouts of America. There are plenty of great resources that you can use if you find that you need to buy scout patches.

Left Pocket Scout Patches

The left pocket of the scout uniform is an important area when it comes to displaying all of the patch collection that your child has accumulated during their time in the girl scouts or boy scouts.

The first patch to display on the uniform is the World Crest, and it displays the unity between the Boy Scouts of America and the World Organization of Scout Movement. This patch belongs above the left pocket, midway between the shoulder seam and the buttons of the uniform.

There are a number of important patches that you’ll want to arrange on the pocket itself once your scout has earned them. The first badge is the Lion badge, which is the lowest on the hierarchy when it comes to the scouting organization. This badge gets placed underneath the pocket.

The Bobcat badge needs to get displayed at the 12:00 location on the pocket to display the rank of your child. The next badge to display is the Tiger badge, which is located at the 6:00 location on the pocket, directly beneath the Bobcat.

On the left side of the pocket, you’ll place the Wolf badge to show that your child has earned and attained that rank within the scouts. The right side of the pocket is completed with the presence of the Bear badge.

The Lion ranks as the lowest of the five badges, which is why it’s the lowest in the pocket. You’ll also want to consider displaying the Religious¬†Emblem on the uniform after your child completes everything that the badge entails. This badge should get placed directly above the left pocket of the uniform.

Right Pocket Scout Patches

The right pocket has a lot of importance when it comes to collecting patches on the scout uniform. The right pocket flap should bear the Outdoor Activity Award after your scout has earned that badge. This is also the area of the uniform where you’ll want to place any Summertime awards that your scout has earned over the course of the summer months.

You can also use the right pocket to display any temporary patches that your scout earns from the things that they achieve. Some of the most popular temporary patches are the Shooting Sports patch, the Pinewood Derby patch, patches from Day Camps, and Popcorn Sales patches.

Most temporary patches come with a loop that goes around the shirt’s button on the right pocket. This allows you to hang the patch easily rather than sewing it onto the uniform on a temporary basis. It will make your life much easier if you choose to invest in the temporary patches with the loop rather than a sewn-on temporary scout patch.

Now You’re Ready to Start Your Patch Collection

One of the most exciting aspects of starting your journey through the ranks of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts is the patch collection that you’ll accumulate over the years. These organizations are a great way to learn new skills that will serve you throughout the rest of your life, and it’s important that you know how to display all of your scout patch options. Knowing the proper places for each patch will show the world your knowledge as well as your skills!

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