3 Things to Know About the HGVC Points Chart

Hilton Grand Vacations experienced a record first quarter in 2022, grossing $509 million in sales.

With memberships increasing at this rate, it’s clear that this prestigious timeshare offering is doing something to keep its members happy. Unlike conventional timeshares, HGVC members enjoy flexible vacation options thanks to a versatile HGVC points system.

If you’re new to this concept or considering signing up, these are the things you need to know about the HGVC points chart.

1. How Do HGVC Points Work?

Hilton Grand Vacations offers its members an exclusive portfolio of resorts where they can spend their vacation time. You can occupy time at these places based on the number of points you own.

When you sign up for a timeshare club, you pay a bulk fee upfront to own your points, plus annual maintenance fees toward the upkeep of the properties.

Provided your fees are up-to-date, the club re-issues your points every year and may carry unused points forward for a year if necessary. You can also borrow points from the following year upon request.

You can only enjoy Hilton vacations to the value of the points available to you at the time of booking. HGVC points charts enumerate the points required for each day you spend in one of their resorts.

Larger, more luxurious resorts require more points, and you’ll use more points when you book peak-season accommodation, too.

2. Bonus Points and Honors Points

When you sign up for HGVC, you’ll receive a number of BonusClub Points depending on the value of your contract. This once-off allocation has a one-year validity, and you can’t carry them over.

Members earn Honors Points when they book stays at qualifying resorts or use their Hilton HHonors credit card. You may also acquire Honors Points by converting frequent flyer miles, Bonus Points, or Club Points.

You can only use Honors points for hotel stays or car rentals, but they have no expiry date.

3. How to Use the HGVC Points Chart

HGVC releases updated points charts for each of their resorts every year. These annual HGV points charts are vital for planning how many points you need to purchase initially and planning your vacations.

You can find Hilton Grand Vacations Point Charts for each resort in the club portfolio online or in your membership correspondence.

When making your initial purchase, consult the points charts for a selection of our preferred resorts to see how many points you’ll need to vacation during your preferred season. It’s best to buy the number of points you need, rather than rely on borrowing and banking points for your vacations.

The booking process is simple using a points chart, simply search for a week and resort that corresponds with your available points.

Make the Most of Your Travels

An HGVC points chart is vital for planning every vacation and making the most of your Hilton Grand Vacation Club membership.

Judicious use of your points means you can make the most of every HGVC point, and experience the true cost savings of this flexible timeshare product.

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