Incense Cones vs Sticks: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that incense has been a part of our world since Ancient Egyptian times? Some even speculate that humans used these pleasant fragrances since we learned how to create fire.

Throughout the years, our way of burning incense has led to two reigning champions: Incense sticks and incense cones.

If you’re new to incense, it can be tricky to know which to choose when it comes to incense cones vs sticks. We’ve put together this guide that’ll help you figure out the best form for all your incense burning needs!


Many people are used to seeing an incense stick holder. Often they’re a long and flat plate of wood that catches the ashes as the stick burns up. It’s a classic choice because it works so well, but sometimes we want something a little more creative.

That’s one of the biggest incense cones benefits. Its unique shape and thicker size help it create an almost vapor-like smoke consistency.

With the right holder, you can turn your incense burning into an enjoyable spectacle. Creating reversed waterfall effects is a fast-growing trend that lets you have a fascinating centerpiece during your next home party.


Most of the common incense bases use the same ingredients, regardless of their form. A paste of different woods and herbs dries into either a stick or cone and both give you the thick fragrance that people crave.

Some incense sticks, however, go above and beyond to deliver a unique experience. They use higher-quality ingredients that won’t ever disappoint.

Palo Santo, for instance, uses thick-cut citrusy wood to create an incense stick that’ll burn with a strong fragrance for a long time. This makes it perfect for late-night indulgences or religious practices.

Always pay attention to the ingredients of your incense to get the most out of your purchase!

Burning Time

The longer your incense burns, the longer you get to enjoy your favorite fragrances. That’s why burning time is a big factor for many incense lovers.

Incense sticks often burn for much longer times when compared to cones. It depends on the size and thickness of the stick, but most sticks keep burning from 30 minutes to over an hour.

Cones only last between 10 to 20 minutes. Their bulkier form makes them burn up faster than the lengthy and thin stick form.


Incense sticks of all varieties are more available than cones. With the rising trend of vapor smoke, however, cones are beginning to be more common.

Classic incense sticks are still the most popular and available form, making them a great way to get started with your first incense burning!

Take Your Time Testing Your Preference for Incense Cones vs Sticks

The best thing to keep in mind is that there’s no real right or wrong answer when it comes to the battle of incense cones vs sticks. For many, it all depends on preference or the shape of their incense burner.

Regardless of which type you choose to use, you’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of the beautiful fragrances wafting through your home!

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