Health Benefits of an Elliptigo

With the new year just around the corner, the perennial problem of resolutions will soon rear its ugly head. Of course, the odds are good that this coming year’s resolutions will probably look a lot like the top 15 resolutions from this year.

In other words, people will name aspirations like losing weight, getting into shape, and saving money. While saving money is mostly about your relationship with your budget, losing weight and getting into shape are goals that the right exercise equipment can help you achieve.

The Elliptigo is an excellent case in point. Not sure what the Elliptigo bike is or how it can help you? Keep reading, and we’ll cover the essentials you need to know.

What is an Elliptigo Bicycle?

Even if you weren’t a bike enthusiast as a kid, you’ve seen them. If you’ve been in a gym in the last decade or two, you’ve seen and probably used an elliptical machine.

An Elliptigo bike sits in the middle ground between the bicycle and the elliptical. In essence, you stand on pedals similar to the ones you find in an elliptical, but those pedals come attached to an outdoor device with wheels and handles and a frame similar to a bicycle.

So, rather than pedaling to nowhere on an elliptical or riding a bike that you may find uncomfortable, you use an elliptical motion to take you where you want to go.

You can also get an Elliptigo SUB or stand up bike. Not sure which is right for you? You should look for an Elliptigo review of each kind of bike to get a better idea.

Now, let’s dig into what you get from an Elliptigo.

Low-Impact Cardio

The classic Elliptigo offers you low-impact cardio in much the same way that an elliptical does. That helps you meet the miminum recommended amount of exercise doctors recommend each week. It also limits the stress on your joints, unlike jogging or even walking.

Calorie Burn

Despite what you might think, it’s a great way to burn off calories from the donut you had or that extra slice of pizza last night. In fact, you typically burn more calories on an Elliptigo than you do riding a normal bike.


Assuming you want to invest in some Elliptigo accessories like the stationary trainer kit, your bike becomes a year-round health device. You can take it outside when the weather is nice, and bring it indoors when the weather turns wet or cold. If you ride your Elliptigo a lot, though, you’ll probably want some replacements on hand for cracked track rollers.

The Elliptigo and You

For biking enthusiasts and elliptical enthusiasts, the Elliptigo is a great compromise. You can still enjoy the elliptical motion that draws most people to ellipticals in the first place. Yet, the bike lets you get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.

You get a low-impact cardio workout with great calorie burn. Plus, the right accessories can make your Elliptigo a year-round device.

Looking for more health and fitness tips? Check out the posts in our Health and Sports sections.

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