4 Great Ways to Treat Your Kids to Something Fun

Fun is one of the cornerstones of childhood. Research shows that praise and positive reinforcement are almost always more effective than punishment. If that’s not a reason to treat your kids, we don’t know what is!

Of course, choosing fun things to do with your kids can be challenging.

You could buy them a bunch of toys, but those are likely to be forgotten quickly. Anyway, today, most parents value experiences over things. And what if you’re on a tight budget?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Read on for our quick list of fun-filled, family-friendly options.

1. Get on Your Bikes

One of the most simple yet enjoyable things to do as a family is taking a bike ride.

If you’re lucky enough to live near some bike trails, that could be as easy as putting on your helmets and taking your bikes out of the garage. If you live in the city, throw your family’s off-road bikes in the back of the truck and head out to the mountains.

Or, some cities in America have bike-share systems you can pay a small fee to use.

2. Spend Time in the Backyard

Simply spending time outside in the backyard is a great way to reward your kids. You can throw sticks for the dog to fetch, make mud pies, splash around on a splash pad, or even have a picnic dinner.

If you don’t have much play equipment in your backyard, buy a trampoline! A trampoline with enclosures is a safe way for the kids to get out all their energy—and for the adults in the family to get some much-needed exercise.

3. Interview Grandma

Kids are naturally curious, so why not channel this curiosity into a fun game of pretend? In this case, they’ll dress up as a journalist and interview a family member. We recommend choosing someone older—the generational differences are fascinating for kids.

Help them make a list of questions, asking when they were born, where they grew up, what their first house had in it, what fun gifts they were given as a kid… You’re only John by your imagination.

4. Go on a Virtual Vacation

Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting gifts for kids is a trip away—be it overseas or to the next state. But if you don’t have the money for a full-blown vacation this year, why not take your family on a virtual vacation?

Use your TV (since the screen is bigger) to explore faraway lands via sites like Virtual Vacation, Google maps’ street view feature, or the rollercoaster videos by the “Theme Park Tube” community on YouTube.

Make it really fun by packing a suitcase and dressing up like you would if you were really going on vacation!

Don’t Delay: Treat Your Kids Today!

Did your child score an excellent grade on a recent test at school? Perhaps they were the champion player in their after-school basketball game.

Whatever the reason you want to treat your kids, making the experience fun and memorable is essential. You don’t need an enormous budget, either. It could be as simple as getting outside on your bikes together or making some crafts.

For more cheerful childcare advice, read the other articles on our blog.

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