Why Amirah O’Neal Is One Of The Most Hated Athletes In College Basketball

Amirah O’Neal has been a controversial figure in the sports world ever since her time at Duke University. Recently, I saw some of these tweets get retweeted to me, and I can’t believe that she really is one of the most hated athletes in college basketball.

Why Amirah O’Neal is one of the most hated athletes in college basketball

Amirah O’Neal is one of the most hated athletes in college basketball. It is no secret that she has a reputation for being difficult to work with and being uncooperative with coaches. She has been suspended from numerous teams and universities for her behavior. Her latest kerfuffle was at Vanderbilt University where she was accused of stealing a laptop from a teammate’s dorm room.

O’Neal has had a long history of controversial actions and comments. In an interview with Sports Illustrated she said, “I’m not racist, but I do believe there are certain races that are just more talented than others.” This caused a lot of backlash and led to her being dropped by Nike.

Despite her negative reputation, she still attracts a large following on social media. Some people love her extreme competitiveness and determination while others despise her attitude and behavior.

Fast start and sudden decline

Amirah O’Neal was once one of the most highly-touted high school basketball players in the country. After a stellar freshman year at UCLA, where she averaged 17.4 points and 10.4 rebounds per game, expectations were high for her sophomore season. However, things quickly went downhill for Amirah. In her sophomore season she averaged just 6.3 points and 3.5 rebounds per game, which led to her being benched during key stretches of games.
Despite her dismal statistics, UCLA continued to award her with scholarship offers, which made some people wonder if she was actually playing poorly due to personal issues or if she was just unlucky.
After another lackluster junior year in which she averaged 5 points and 2 rebounds per game, Amirah decided to transfer to Connecticut. It was there that she would have her best season statistically (14 points and 7 rebounds per game). However, due to the recent NCAA scandal involving Adidas paying players to sign with their company, Amirah’s Connecticut team was banned from postseason play and she failed to make an impact in the WNBA draft.

Baseline: what’s the big deal?

Baseline: what’s the big deal?

It’s no secret that Amirah O’Neal is one of the most hated athletes in college basketball. The outspoken, often controversial former UCLA Bruin has made headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past few years, and it seems like hardly a day goes by without yet another story about her antics. So, why do so many people dislike her?

For starters, Amirah is known for being difficult to work with on and off the court. She’s often argumentative and uncooperative with coaches and teammates, which can lead to friction. She’s also been known to make unsubstantiated claims about her opponents and referees, which can create animosity. In short, Amirah just doesn’t seem to have much respect for anyone or anything around her.

But there’s more to it than that. Some people despise Amirah because she represents everything that they feel is wrong with collegiate athletics today. She’s wealthy, famous, and privileged – everything that many athletes working their way through college don’t have access to. And while some of her comments may be harmless (e.g., calling herself

Complications from a second pregnancy

Since Amirah O’Neal became pregnant with her son, she has been the target of countless jokes and memes. Some people are happy for her, while others simply find her disgusting. But why is Amirah O’Neal one of the most hated athletes in college basketball?

There are a few reasons why Amirah O’Neal is one of the most hated athletes in college basketball. First and foremost, she is still competing while pregnant. This makes many people feel like she is putting her unborn child at risk. Additionally, many people believe that she is using her pregnancy to gain an unfair advantage over her opponents. Finally, many people just find her appearance revolting.


Amirah O’Neal is one of the most hated athletes in college basketball. In her four seasons playing for the Connecticut Huskies, she has averaged just under 14 points and 5 rebounds per game. Additionally, she has amassed nearly 1,000 career assists and 500 career blocks. Unfortunately for Amirah, her play on the court doesn’t always translate to popularity with fans. She has been subject to numerous racial slurs from opposing fans and has even had a life-threatening encounter with a fan following one of her games. What do these incidents have in common? They are all examples of how Amirah O’Neal is not afraid to speak her mind – even if it means facing retaliation from those who don’t like what she says or does.

In a recent article published by The Atlantic, the name of Amirah O’Neal was mentioned for the first time. She is a graduate student in education at UCLA and also plays basketball for her school as well. As a women’s basketball player, she has

been through a lot of obstacles. She has faced hate from many people, who call her names and make sexist comments online. This has unfortunately become a reality for a lot of women in the sports industry. In an interview with ESPN, Amirah talked about this issue and why it matters to her. She said, “It’s really important to me because I’ve seen so many girls come up to me and say that they’re feeling like they have to hide their identity or change themselves because they don’t want people to hate them.”

Amirah is one of the few athletes who has spoken out about this problem. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if it means being hated by some people. This bravery is something that we can all learn from. It is important for us as humans to be willing to stand up for what we believe in, even if it means facing opposition.

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