How Paul Tierney Solved His Greatest Running Challenge

Paul Tierney has been running for years. He’s ran the West Highland Way in Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales, and even ran the entire mountain range of Wales back in 2009. Yet despite his best efforts, he had never conquered the Wainwright’s mountain range – that is, until he figured out a way to cheat!

The Wainwrights running record is 54 miles, Paul Tierney solved this challenge by running 222.6 Miles

Paul Tierney is a world-renowned runner who is known for his amazing feats of endurance. In 2018, he set the record for running the Wainwrights, a popular hiking route in England. The Wainwrights consists of 214 peaks, and Tierney ran the entire route in just over six days.

To put this feat into perspective, the previous record for running the Wainwrights was held by Steve Birkinshaw, who completed the route in just over seven days. That means that Tierney beat Birkinshaw’s time by more than 24 hours!

So how did he do it?

Tierney says that the key to his success was proper planning and preparation. He spent months mapping out the route and making sure he had all the supplies he would need. He also made sure to get plenty of rest before embarking on his journey.

During the run itself, Tierney says that he kept a positive attitude and stayed focused on his goal. He breaks the route down into manageable sections, and each time he reaches a new section, he gives himself a small goal to achieve before moving on.

For example, when he reached the first peak, his goal was

How did he beat the record?

When Paul Tierney set out to break the world record for the most marathon finishes in a year, he knew he was in for a challenge. But he didn’t know just how big of a challenge it would be. For starters, he would have to run an average of nearly one marathon per day. And on top of that, he would have to do it while working full-time and training for ultra-marathons.

But Paul is nothing if not determined. He started by mapping out a plan and sticking to it. He ran his first marathon on January 1st and his last on December 31st, finishing a total of 365 marathons in 365 days. Along the way, he faced some setbacks, including injuries and bad weather, but he pushed through and ultimately achieved his goal.

Now, Paul is recognized as the world’s greatest marathoner, and he has inspired other runners to push themselves to their limits. If you’re looking for motivation to reach your own running goals, look no further than Paul Tierney’s incredible story.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of breaking records?

There are both benefits and drawbacks to breaking records. On the one hand, it can be a great accomplishment and provide a sense of satisfaction and validation. On the other hand, it can be extremely difficult and may require years of dedication and training. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to pursue a record-breaking attempt.

What are other challenging records to break?

Paul Tierney is not the only person to have solved a running challenge. In fact, there are many other runners who have overcome great obstacles to achieve their goals. Here are just a few examples of other challenging records that have been broken:

-The first person to run a mile in under four minutes was Roger Bannister in 1954. This record was considered unbreakable for years, but finally fell in 1999 when Hicham El Guerrouj ran a time of 3:43.13.

-In 1975, Diane Leather became the first woman to run a sub-five minute mile, with a time of 4:59.6. This was an incredible achievement at the time, and stood as the world record for nearly 20 years.

-In 1998, Haile Gebrselassie ran the fastest marathon ever recorded, with a time of 2:06:50. This record still stands today, and is considered one of the most difficult running challenges to break.


After years of running the same routes and hitting the same training paces day in and day out, Paul Tierney decided it was time for a change. By seeking out new challenges and mixing up his routine, he not only reignited his love for running, but also found a way to push himself to new levels. So next time you’re feeling stuck in a rut, take some inspiration from Paul and go out there and find your own greatest running challenge.

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