The Attempted Murder of Greg Mulvihill

The Attempted Murder of Greg Mulvihill

Greg Mulvihill and Diana Lovejoy met on the web, and got hitched in 2007 following two years of dating. They were exceptionally daring, and adored the outside. Large numbers of their get-aways were caught in home recordings. It showed them doing exercises like climbing, swimming and surfing.

Back in their normal lives, the two of them worked in the tech business, and lived in Carlsbad, California. Be that as it may, after the introduction of their child in 2012, their marriage began to weaken.

Cash Issues

In practically no time before Diana brought forth their child, she was determined to have fibromyalgia. This changed the once dynamic way of life she once had. Her aggravation made her step away from her work, yet she was by all accounts fine with remaining at home with her child.

Greg likewise experienced a shoulder injury, and needed to move back from his occupation for quite a while. Diana attempted to find a business line of work to earn enough to pay the bills, yet it was causing them significantly more pressure.
In July 2014, Greg got back home to find a cop at their home. Diana had let the police know that Greg had been physically attacking her while she rested. She said she had taken drug that made her tired, and she awakened to find Greg attacking her. Greg denied it. A controlling request was recorded, and this made Greg leave the home.

Diana additionally affirmed that Greg was mishandling their child. Indeed, Greg denied the claims, and Child Protective Services reached out. Greg recorded a request for separate and for guardianship of their child.

Greg and their child, who was three years of age at the point, must be tried for mental assessments. The assessments gave no indications of misuse, and Greg was cleared. Both, Diana and Greg were given 50-50 authority of their child. There marriage was additionally finished.

The Attempted Murder

On September 1, 2016, an emergency call rolled in from a man saying his companion had quite recently been shot. His companion was Greg Mulvihill, and the man’s name was Jason Kovach, and he was taken in to be interrogated, while Greg was taken to the emergency clinic. Jason said Greg called him after he got a call from a confidential examiner. The PI enlightened him he had data regarding the separation and guardianship of his child, and needed to meet. The PI gave Greg a location, and Greg called Jason since he was dubious.
The location was a climbing trail that was dim, with no other lighting around. They went in any case, and outfitted themselves with a spotlight and slugging stick. The PI let them know where to meet, and keeping in mind that they were strolling, Jason shouted out that somebody had a weapon. The shooter had been ready to pounce in the brambles.


The police went to the scene when they got the call. At the point when they got to the scene, they smelled something horrendous. It was human crap, and an Angry Birds towel close by. They understood whoever had crapped here, tidied themselves up with the towel.

In the interim, Greg Mulvihill was conscious. He had been shot once in the chest, yet it wasn’t deadly. He was inquired as to whether he knew about any individual who might need to hurt him, or on the other hand if Diana would need to hurt him. He said he didn’t figure Diana would need to hurt him. He additionally said he had the telephone number of the ”PI,” and it was followed. The number returned similar to a compensation in a hurry number. They figured out that the telephone was purchased, best case scenario, Buy, so they acquired the observation film.
They were stunned at what they saw. The individual who purchased the telephone was Diana Lovejoy, Greg’s ex. The police captured Diana during a traffic stop, to take her in to be interrogated.

Diana’s Story

Diana let the police know that she had gone to Best Buy to purchase a switch. The police didn’t trust her, and showed her the video of her purchasing the telephone. Diana said she was in apprehension about Greg, and went to take shooting examples with a man named Weldon McDavid.

Weldon McDavid Jr., was a previous Marine, and weapon master. He was likewise engaged with one more situation where a lady from Carlsbad, said her better half was attacking her. Weldon had shown this lady how to shoot also.

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