Origins Ice Staff Upgrade Steps – Zombies Chronicles (DLC 5) 

In this manual you`ll discover a little by little walkthrough for upgrading the Ice Staff in Origins, along with a quick phase on acquiring the authentic blue discs, gramophone and finishing the bottom Ice Staff. As with all my different guides, there are unique screenshots, maps and different puzzle codes to make matters as easy as possible. 

 With the remastered model of Origins now to be had in Zombies Chronicles and with a lot of you gambling the backwards well suited Black Ops 2 model on Xbox One, it makes best experience to revisit the Ice Staff improve manner as soon as extra. 

 Thankfully, the upgraded Ice Staff is arguably the fine group of workers in the sport sincerely due to the fact it is charged assault (or remarkable assault in case you prefer) reasons a huge snow fall that sucks in close by zombies. 

 So let’s begin with the bottom Ice Staff and the way you get it… 

 How to get the Ice Staff 

  Like each different group of workers in Origins, gamers want three components, 1 colored disc, 1 black disc and the gramophone to get the group of workers. In the case of the Ice Staff the components are BLUE, the disc is BLUE and the gramophone have to be used to open the BLUE portal (Ice Portal). 

 Disc Location 

 The blue disc is usually in the constructing subsequent to Generator 2. Either at the the front desk, weapon field shelf or shelf subsequent to the rear door. 

 Part Locations 

 The Ice Staff components don’t have any set places however they do have unique requirements. Players have to wait till it’s miles snowing after which dig up the rubble piles at the floor. Usually this includes commencing each phase of the map and hard each dig webweb page till you get all 3. 

 Black Disc 

 The Black Disc is utilized in mixture with the Gramophone to open the decrease stage of the excavation webweb page. It’s usually discovered in one in all 3 places: 

 On a field, backside of the walkway main up the excavation webweb page (Generator 2 aspect)

On a field, contrary aspect of excavation webweb page, close to the doorway main to church

Top of the excavation webweb page, in a wheelbarrow beside PaP 


 The Gramophone is usually in the principal excavation webweb page (dig webweb page), one stage downstairs at the floor. Players must area the Gramophone at the desk to open the name of the game sub stage with the Staff statues. A suitable tip is to usually open the lowest phase of the excavation webweb page after which without delay choose up the gramophone so that you do not want to head lower back for it later. 

 Final step 

 Once you’ve got got the components, disc and gramophone visit Generator 6 (lower back of the church). Go down the tunnel, area the gramophone at the desk and await the blue portal to construct. Head into the loopy area, get the crystal from the blue pedestal and go away the loopy area with the aid of using rebuilding the blue portal. 

 Finally, move lower back to the principal excavation webweb page, visit the lowest stage and construct the group of workers the usage of the statue. 

 Upgrade Steps 

 1. Solve the Ice Staff Puzzle 

 With the Ice Staff prepared visit the loopy area thru the blue portal. Look without delay upwards and pay attention to the slabs with blue symbols on them. Also be aware the blue image at the wall. 

 Solve the puzzle with the aid of using the usage of the Ice Staff to shoot the ideal slab at the ceiling that corresponds to the image at the wall. Repeat numerous times. 

  2. Shoot the Gravestones 

 Leave the loopy area and move lower back to the out of doors world. Shoot three x gravestones with the Ice Staff after which shoot with a ordinary weapon. 

 Gravestone 1 

 Excavation webweb page headstone 

 Facing excavation webweb page from dust pool (adjoining to Soul Box dust pool), Generator 6 aspect of the map. 

 Gravestone 2 

 Mud pool with Soul Box adjoining to Generator 6 Jug area. Gravestone is out of doors of the map boundary, dealing with farfar from Jug. 

 Gravestone three 

 Generator 2 headstone 

 Outside the rear of Generator 2 constructing (wherein there may be masses of dust). Look for Robots arm out of doors of the maps boundary, headstone is beside it. 

 three. Line Up the Gems 

 3. Charge the Staff (Collect Souls) 

 Ice Staff in pedastal 

 Finally, head lower back to the loopy area the usage of the BLUE portal. Place the Ice Staff withinside the pedestal wherein you at the beginning picked up the gem. Now kill 2-30 zombies withinside the location to rate the group of workers. 


This turned into all approximately the numerous venture which you want to perform for the ice group of workers improve. The ice group of workers has the final ability to freeze and blast off zombies into pieces. All you want to do is to observe the above-stated step-with the aid of using-step manual to effectively improve group of workers of ice.

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