How FMCW Lidar Can Improve Vehicle Safety

Lidar is a word that is used as the short form for Light Detection and Ranging. Not many people are aware of the FMCW lidar and how it really works. But in today’s time where technology is growing at a good speed, indeed this is one of the best technologies to choose. It works on different light pulsed so that the 3D terrain map can be created. It shall be the map surrounding the sensor. The FMCW along with Lidar is in use for quite some time now. But in recent times, it has turned out to be a crucial advancement for the industry which is why it is one of the highest options for autonomous vehicle companies.

Know more about LIDAR:

The FMCW lidar in today’s time is the trending technology for many reasons. There are so many advantages to it but primarily it is said to be the key technology for the vehicles that are self-propelled. The FMCW is an acronym for Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave is one disruptive technology. It helps in facilitating the autonomous driving breakthrough. As per the experts, it will turn out to be of prime importance over the regular Time of Light LIDAR systems.

The role of Autonomous driving:

Not many people are aware of autonomous driving since it is still an emerging technology. But this kind of innovation driver for the whole automotive industry is growing at a faster pace and in coming years, it will be of primary use too. This type of option can be used in autonomous taxis, self-propelled cars, and even delivery buses and services to name some. This would eventually revolutionize the whole mobile ecosystem.

The potentiality of autonomous driving for turning the whole classical supply chain in the industry of automation upside down or to even have the new players come on the scene. Primarily with LIDAR, it will be helpful for detecting and measuring the distance. For this, it would analyze the reflected wave patterns.

Advantages to not ignore:

l  The fmcw lidar offers some of the best benefits over the conventional ways. To name some are:

l  The intellectual property shall have ways of actively lingering very broadband frequency chirps. It is crucial to get the fundamental limits of precision, resolution and even the range of measurement to name some.

l  Moving further, this technique offers a better range resolution. This way it offers better measurement and multiple separations of surfaces that are closely spaced

l  It is possible to get a better dynamic range that would let the measurement of dim and bright objects be achieved on a simultaneous basis.


In today’s time, the FMCW radar is being used as the standard driver assistance system in the automotive field. On contrary to the radar, this fmcw lidar will not be using any kind of radio waves in the form of the laser. This would allow better image resolution and improve the detection of objects detection like cyclists and pedestrians. This is worth the investment and has been the talk of the town because of the advantages it offers.

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