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Canon Camera Review-Why it’s the best?

Canon is Japanese worldwide cooperation, which produces imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, and medical equipment. It is headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, Japan. The EOS Rebel series is an extensive range of semi-professional cameras designed for casual photographers.

 In recent years, the line has expanded to include full-frame cameras as well as models with APS-C-sized sensors. These cameras tend to sit between entry-level DSLRs and professional SLRs in performance and price.

1.      Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Camera Review


If you’re looking for a Canon DSLR camera price in Pakistan, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i is a great option. This camera features a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 image processor to ensure high image quality and speed. The features include ISO 100–51,200, 1080p video capture, a 47.3-point autofocus system, and a 37.3-inch tillable vary-angle LCD.

 Other useful features include Face/eye detection AF, a 54–second self-timer, and programmable FN buttons. The camera body has a magnesium alloy coating, providing durability and an excellent grip for working on it. The camera is fully weather-sealed, with an IPX4 rating. It may be equipped with an 18–55mm kit lens, which provides a wide-angle view for landscape and sports photography.

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i features a 3.2 inch vary-angle fully touché-screen LCD, capable of tilting up to 127 degrees. This provides a good array of shooting angles.

There is also an Instant Mode, which snaps a picture in less than 0.7 seconds, and a video shooting mode, 1080p at 30/25/24fps. Compared to older models in the line, the EOS Rebel T7i has decreased battery consumption, making this a clear top choice for the enthusiast photographer.


The Canon EOS Rebel T7i is a fully rounded camera, capable of holding its own in all lighting conditions. It has a solid build with a magnesium alloy coating, weather sealing, and an impressive touch screen facility.

Canon’s APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 image processor deliver a lot of performance, with the ability to switch between ISO 100 to 51,200. The tilting screen will make taking pictures a lot easier and more comfortable for many users.

Additionally, it has an instant mode that shoots a quick image in 0.7 seconds, and a Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system that follows 15 cross-type targets. As long as you don’t mind an older-looking design, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i is a solid performer for the enthusiast photographer.

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2.      Features of Canon Rebel T7i

The Canon Rebel T7i is the newest addition to the Rebel line of beginner-friendly cameras. When it was announced in January 2017, it was the best DSLR you could get for under $600. It featured a 24.2-megapixel sensor and a 45-point autofocus system.

 Now, a little over a year later, the device has performed admirably in tough conditions. Let’s have a look at what makes this camera stand out from other models at a lower price.

The T7i is predominately made out of metal, weighing in at an impressive 1.8 lbs. It’s a good-looking camera, with all-metal body construction. Inside is a solid frame made of magnesium alloy.

There’s a 5.6-inch LCD monitor and EVF included along with a rear dial and buttons. A row of six suction cup mount points provides secure positioning for your camera. There are three programmable FN buttons built right into the lower portion of the camera. There’s also a full variety of functions buttons, along with an action button that can launch the DSLR’s menu system.

The T7i makes use of the newly developed Canon IMX318 CMOS sensor. This means it captures images at a higher resolution than older sensor types. Like other Canon cameras, the sensor cannot record 4K video. However, there is other good news for the beginner photographer. Up to 4K footage can be captured at 30fps.

Additionally, the device can record rapid time-lapse videos at 30fps. In total, there is a lot of functionality packed into the device. In the box, you get the camera, battery, memory card, tri-axial processor, removable lens cap, manual, and a couple of HDMI cables.

 To get started, get set up with your Canon EOS Rebel T7i and find out more about this camera. We have detailed information on what you get with this device.

The T7i is primarily aimed at newbie or those on a budget. It’s a good device for capturing images without spending a fortune on a camera that offers better features.

3.      Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Camera in Pakistan

The EOS Rebel T7i offers several improvements and enhancements over the Rebel T6s, including a new, higher resolution, 24.2 MP True Art II CMOS sensor, though the latter that’s still mostly in use and pockets in the current lineup.

The EOS Rebel T7i has some features to provide an ideal entry point for budding photographers. The compact design is easy to handle and carry and gives you ample controls for adjusting basic shooting settings.

 It weighs only 4.6 pounds when fully packed, which means there’s less physical bulk to splay around. This convenience and mobility are further enhanced with a focus on user-friendly controls, something Canon is well-known for.

The earphone jack has been removed, replaced by a three-inch front-facing monitor and joystick. You have all the familiar features of a DSLR camera, including image stabilization and metering, plus focus peaking, white balance, and ISO settings.

In keeping with the Canon Rebel ethos of providing an economical entry into DSLR photography, there are many low-cost lenses to choose from. A prime lens is a type of optical tube in which the lens elements feature a single design.

These lenses are usually specifically designed by Canon for use with their cameras and are priced accordingly. A prime lens on a DSLR is designed to provide sharp, center-weighted images. When used on a cropped sensor camera, average distortion and vegetating can be introduced. A fixed or macro lens provides an alternative to a prime lens at an appropriate focal length. Other options include a set of interchangeable lenses known as an M-series mount.

A zoom lens is a significantly larger lens that typically extends from 24 mm all the way to 77 mm. The zoom range allows for great flexibility in terms of distance and magnification.

4.      Price of Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR in Pakistan

Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR price in Pakistan is Rs.72, 400/-

Canon EOS Rebel T7i

• Build Quality Features

• Camera Used for Photojournalism

• Application• Recommended Lenses.

The EOS Rebel T7i is a 2-way shooter and can record 4K video.

It also has a range of EF lenses with a focus on ultra-wide-angle, portrait, and standard lenses.

The camera has a new lens mount system that provides greater friction, making it a tad bit easier to grip and control. It has a 1.6X sensor. The built-in image stabilization helps you shoot photos with slower shutter speeds.

This EOS Rebel T7i has Auto and Manual modes. It can shoot low-light shoots and appendages. It can also produce videos. In addition side, it has built-in 4K Photo Capture. It weighs 51.8g and is 5ft 7 inches large.

5.      Where to Buy & More Specification

If you are looking for a quality product then you are in the right place. Click the link below to see the full specifications

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 Deals

Often compared to a Canon 5D Mark IV, the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is a powerful little camera that can come with its own fans. Originally released in June 2016, the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is a 7.1-inch, vary-angle DSLR with a fixed 65.3 MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor. The SL3 also has at its disposal a relatively high-resolution 4K video capture device as well as optical image stabilization.

Canon has boosted the battery life of the camera to 26 hours with Auto ISO on, which should be enough for the vast majority of users.

 It also features an HDMI port for better connectivity options. It’s an affordable camera with a lot of functionality packed into the box. At the time of writing, there are still 5 Pro versions of this camera and I’ll be covering those in a separate post.

6.      Physical Specifications

The dimensions of the Canon EOS Rebel SL3 are 47 × 35.6 × 15.4 mm which puts it in the compact DSLR bracket. Weight consists of 500g which is nothing to write home about but more in line with a determinedly lightweight enthusiast camera.

Fitted with a single 2,840 mAh 19.1Wh rechargeable battery, the camera provides approximately 27.5 extra hours of battery life, for the vast majority of users. It’s advised to include anLiDAR or transmitter with all EOS Rebel SL3 models and there is more good news.

 For those who are sensitive to vibrations, the camera can be positioned on vibration-free gimbals that are provided.


Throughout the review, I’ll be referring to these gimbals weights as soon as they become noticeable.

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