Insulin pump control system

Ipc system may be an automatic embedded system that will be attached to the Patient’s body then that system will collect data from the patient body. Then the system is going to be capable of calculating what is the accurate sugar level and therefore the supported that sugar level the pump should inject that much insulin within the patient body.

Let’s discuss what is the hardware architecture of IPC and what are the various part that is embedded to the insulin pump controller. As we mention that the insulin control system is an embedded control system that should be software which should be hardware. The software is liable for the working of this hardware.

Hardware architecture of insulin system

1. Needle Assembly – we’d like the needle to inject the same amount of insulin into the patient body

2. Micro Pump – the pump goes to move the right amount of insulin to the patient’s body through a needle.

3. Clock – we’d like a clock to live the sugar level in a fixed interval of your time the clock goes to live the sugar level and therefore the supported that sugar level right amount of insulin delivered to the patient body.

4. Alarm – we’ve alarm if something goes wrong with the patient or something goes wrong with this technique the alarm will alert that patient.

5. Sensor – this is often a blood glucose level sensor, that sensor is liable for sensing a blood glucose level from the patient body.

6. Display – we’ve 2 display “display 1” and “display 2”. This display is liable for showing the time, power supply, what proportion of power are remaining there, and the way much insulin that to be injected into the patient body. That information will display on these 2 display sections.

7. Controller-The central thing of this device, as you’ll say the guts of all the hardware is the controller. this is often software, this software is liable for the control of these hardware devices. All hardware devices are got to be get connected to the controller

8. Insulin Reservoir – Some amount of insulin kept available in insulin reservoir. so whenever the patient requires or whenever the blood glucose level change that much insulin should inherit the pump and pump will deliver that insulin to the patient body through the needle.

9. Power supply – to properly work on all the devices we’d like an influence supply.

How it work

Collects data from a blood glucose sensor and therefore calculates the quantity of insulin required to be injected.

Calculation supported the speed of change of blood glucose levels.

Current reading: – R1

Previous two readings:- R2, R3

Send a signal to a micropump to deliver the correct dose of insulin.

SAFETY CRITICAL SYSTEM- low blood sugar can cause brain malfunctioning coma and death. High blood sugars have long turm consequences like eyes and kidney damage.

Graphical model

Whenever software engineering is a concern before getting to develop any system we’d like to represent that system in a graphical manner by using some system models. So this is often an activity model or graphical manner. as we all know that software isn’t a just program it’s a set of programs alongside the documentation. So whenever the documentation path is concern the activity model itself acts as documentation.

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